Will the ACE weight loss pill interfere with my birth control pills?

Pills. Please don't take any weight loss pills in conjunction with birth control pills. Please go and see a dietitian. I recommend my patients pay good attention to food intake and to exercise. Take a Look online at "NuVal" and see how well your diet measures up against the 100 items on the list.

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Are there any birth control pills that help with weight loss? I gained a lot of weight on Depo-Provera and would really like to be back at a healthy weight.

The best pill to be. On where you will not gain weight and it will not inhibit you from losing weight is loloestrin - only 10 mcg of estrogen, no bcpill will make u lose weight, if you want wt loss u need caloric restriction, i offer my pts the HCG injections and 500 calorie diet, i did it mtself 14 months ago , i lost 24 lbs in 28 days- it works and it is safe , it is not fda approved though, insurance won't pay. Read more...

Garcinia Cambodia pills side effects? Heard they effect women reproductive organs. Results of weight loss lasting? Does it effect birth control pills?

Not a medicine. garcinia "might" prevent fat storage and control appetite; but, this has not been proven in humans. because GC is an unregulated substance nobody has spent any time studying it scientifically; I am unaware of any consistent proven effects on female reproduction. Read more...