Will chemical burn leave scar?

Possibly. The depth of a burn determines whether a scar will be left, no matter what the cause. A shallow burn will not leave a scar but the skin color will be changed. Deeper burns cause proportionately more severe scarring.
Less if washed off. There are many varied chemicals that can burn but the key point is to immediately wash off the area with a large amount of cold water. One wants to prevent the chemical from being absorbed and causing more tissue damage. Cold constricts the tissue so that less is absorbed as well as having the water dilute the chemical.

Related Questions

How do I know if the chemical burn on my face wil scar?

Time to healing. The amount of time it takes a chemical burn to heal gives us an indication if there will be permanent scarring. For facial burns that heal within 2 weeks, long term scarring is often minimal after completely healed. Scars that (will) take longer than 2 weeks may require additional treatment. Read more...

I have a chemical burn on my head, its not that bad. So its basically peeling really bad and I’m not sure what to do. Will it scar?

Chemical burn. You must please start with an exam for your Primary care doctor. Your doctor will carefully see how things are going and determine if the doctor can take care of the burn or whether you should go to a specialist. Hope all goes well. Michael Kleerekoper. Read more...