will iodine and baby oil remove hair

Does iodine and baby oil remove unwanted hair?

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Iodine Baby Iodine


they don't.
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Is there a hair removal product i can use to remove hair around the anus area?

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Dr. Gregory A. Hines
Family Medicine
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Procedure-Cosmetic; shave Anus Hair removal Rectum

Shave or Nair

Shaving is the typical way to remove these kinds of hair. You can also use a depilatory cream such as Nair, or wax it, as in a Brazilian waxing.
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Hair Health

Do's And Don'ts

Waxing between laser hair removal sessions increases outcome.

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Dr. Geoffrey W. Rutledge
Internal Medicine

Is no-no hair removal device ok to remove facial hairs. I am having acne scars and sometimes breakouts.

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Chalk it up to experience. Burning hairs on your face will aggravate your acne. For best result see a dermatologist. For adult women not about to be pregnant, the antiandrogen spironolactone 100--200mg a day will reduce acne and may slow growth of hair on the face. You will need to take it for 3 months to appreciate what it can do for you. You may wish to consider laser, electrolysis, plucking, sh
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Hair Health

Do's And Don'ts

DON'T shampoo daily. DO condition monthly with hair oil. Eat foods high in Folic acid.

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Im considering buying a Tria laser for home use for facial hair removal. Will it remove all my facial hair permanently as it states?

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Dr. Otto J. Placik
Plastic Surgery
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Not sure

It is truly difficult to evaluated the claims of the manufacturer
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I shave before lazor hair removal/get pimples on butt,shoulders ,stomach. which rx creams? salictylic acid ok, kenalog shots? baby powder?

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Dr. Emily Altman
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Folliculitis tx

It's helpful if shaving is done 3-4 days before laser hair removal. If pustules appear, acne medications may be helpful, such as a benzoyl peroxide wash. There should not be a lot of scrubbing as it may irritate hair follicles further. All benzoyl peroxide must be washed off the skin completely. There are also acne lotions that your doctor can prescribe to help.
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Should i put hair removal cream under my eye skin to remove the fine lines?? As dermalogist said nothing is possible as lines are below the eye lash??

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Dr. Colin McCannel
Retinal Surgery
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Irritating to eye

hair removal cream is almost certainly going to cause a lot of irritation if it gets in the eye. And it will not remove wrinkles, as it is designed to remove hair - totally different. Consider a professional dermabraision or chemical peel if you want to get wrinkles removed. But don't go to a unlicensed pseudo-professional!
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I had laser treatment of hair removal and eye operation 7 years back. I have hair on my chin. Will both cause birth defect in baby if i conceive now?

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Dr. Jon R. Fishburn
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 Cushing disease Polycystic ovarian disease Cataract Laser hair removal Baby Back Birth defects Chin Eye Hair removal Laser Surgery

Not related

Your laser hair removal & eye operation should have nothing to do (neither positive nor negative) about your ability to conceive. Now if you have abundant hair in wrong places (hirutism) which can be caused by systemic diseases(eg pcod, cushings, androgen secreting tumor, etc), you may have problems conceiving. If you had cataract removed, could have been caused by too much circulating cortisol.

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