Doctor insights on: Will Aldara Generic Work For G Warts

Dr. Mark Ingerman
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Imiquimod (Definition)

There is limited data on the safety of imiquimod in pregnancy, while it doesn't appear to have negative effects on the baby, other treatments ...Read more


How long should aldara (imiquimod) take to remove warts?

Not known: Like most other wart creams there is no definative answer to how many applications will get rid of the wart. ...Read more


How effective is aldara (imiquimod) cream to cure my warts?

Aldara (imiquimod) cream: Quite effective, usually about 80% of time. However it may take 3 months or so and is expensive. There are numerous other treatments available for foot warts- see your local podiatrist! ...Read more

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I have been diagnosed with flat warts. I have been prescribed imiquimod cream and have not seen any results and have such a large amount. I don't want?

Warts are tough: Don't give up. Warts can be tough to get rid of. Not sure if you've given the imiquimod enough time to work...but there are other options should that fail. There is old fashioned 'ablation' with a freeze spray or possibly a laser- ask your dermatologist about that. I'm a fan of 'occlusion therapy'- taping them up for weeks at a time- which helps immune system to recognize the viruses are there. ...Read more

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Dr. Arnold Beresh
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Warts (Definition)

Warts are outgrowths of the skin, usually caused by a virus. They are self-limited, meaning that they can go away on its own ...Read more

Dr. Byron Hapner
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Aldara (Definition)

Aldara is a topical anti-viral agent which is a ...Read more