why are my eyes puffy when i wake up

i think i have deppresion and bipolar disorder.i looked at the signs and me and i have most of the sytom.shoulditell some1.my personality changesalot.?

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Dr. William D. Holmes
Child Psychiatry
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Good to Seek Help

It sounds like you are very concerned about your mood. It would be an excellent idea for you to seek out help, and it would be best to set up an appointment with a mental health professional with whom you could discuss your concerns.
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what as the maximum dosage of topamax usually prescribed to treat bipolar disorder? I am currently taking a total of 100mg a day.

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Dr. Andrew P. Ho
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FDA approved maximum

Dose needs to be adjusted to discover optimal individual patient dose. I always find it misguided to use the FDA approved dose range as Gospel in clinical practice. Your 100mg is below maximum that has been studied by drug company but it does not mean it is helpful or safe to go higher. You need to work closely with your doctor to figure out the right dose for you.
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Dr. Alan H. Ali
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FDA recommended Maximum daily dose of up to 400mg.
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How can i figure out if i have bipolar disorder I have not gone to see a doctor, but from what i have researched and with how i feel and act, I think bipolar may be something i have.

Answered by:
Dr. Andrius Baskys
Geriatric Psychiatry
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The only way to reliably answer your question would be by making an appointment with a doctor, preferably a psychiatrist with experience in diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders, and having yourself thoroughly evaluated. If there is no such doctor in your area and a doctor's visit requires lengthy travel, you should look for a psychiatrist who uses telemedicine. Telemedicine is a method of patient evaluation through an audio/video link, usually with the help of such common computer software as Skype or ooVoo. It could be very effective in psychiatry, where patient travel is either difficult or impossible. Many insurances reimburse health care providers who use this method at the same rate as the office visit. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact my office at 877-483-2071.
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Improve your relationships

Do's And Don'ts

Look into your partners eyes when they speak and listen instead of just hearing them.

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I have type 1 Bipolar disorder,i rapid cycle.I haven't slept in 68 hours,is there something i can take OTC ? I can't afford my medications.

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Challenging question

It is well-known that insomnia is a trigger for mania and rapid cycling, hence it is important to combat that. Even though sleep MD's don't recommend antihistamines for sleep, they can work and are OTC. The bigger issues: 1: you need to be working with your MD. 2: some drug co's make their products available to you, free of charge-ask your MD how. 3: your MD may have samples of certain meds.
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Third trimester Pregnancy

Interesting Fact

Baby's eyes are almost always blue by week 29; Baby may even move in rhythm to music by week 26.

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Dr. Syed H. Sajid
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I am diagnosed with Dandy Walker Variant - Can this cause me to have mood swings even to point of depression/bipolar disorder? I feel like I do.

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Dr. Tung T. Nguyen
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I believe you are referring to a cyst in the cerebellum. In severe cases, usually in children, there are problems with muscle movement, coordination. Mood disorder, such as depression/bipolar, is not thought to be caused by the cerebellar malformation in Dandy Walker Syndrome.
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How come I always wake up with puffy / baggy eyes?

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Dr. Michael L. Ham
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Lying flat

Typically this is due to lying flat and the fluid in the body collects around the eyes in the soft tissue under the thin peri-orbital eyelid skin. The fluid may be developing due to gravity and lying flat where it builds up in this area. It may also occur because of an allergic response, inflammation, or heart conditions (poor pumping of the heart).
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Why do I wake up with puffy eyes?

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Dr. Ilan Cohen
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Numerous reasons

Could be many things from sinus problems to kidney problems. See your eye doctor first.
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What do i do about your eyes being puffy in the morning when u wake up?

Answered by:
Dr. William Dieck
Cataract, dry eye , glaucoma ,macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy

?? Allergy

Change your pillow and bedding. You might be allergic to these.
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