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My lower back hurt when i walk far and when i workout if i get me a back brace would it help stop hurting?

My lower back hurt when i walk far and when i workout  if i get me a back brace would it help stop hurting?

Strengthen your core: Physical therapy may help, as can working on strengthening your core muscles (from your neck to your knees). A back brace is usually not very effective in reducing back pain. Also, if the pain persists, you should see your primary care provider. ...Read more

Dr. Eric Weisman
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Walking (Definition)

Your doctor may also suggest a safe exercise plan. Walking is usually the easiest type of exercise, but swimming or other low-impact exercises can work just as well. Exercise is an important way to keep blood sugar in control, and physical activity in pregnancy has been found to decrease the risk ...Read more


I have RA but my whole body hurts, I'm in constant pain. Sometimes I can hardly stand up and walk, I get infusions ( remicaide ) what else could it be?

It does not sound : Like typical RA pain. Needs more info, such as pain locations, joint vs muscle involvement, or pain after remicade, (infliximab) etc. there are many detail needed and likely will need a video consult to get better idea or discuss with your rheumatologist. ...Read more

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Ra is out of control, i can barely walk. Had spinal fusion 9wks ago so can't take nsaids or steroids. I need help with the pain, but want fusion to he?

See a rheumatologist: You're right, you shouldn't take nsaids or steroids, but those are lousy treatments for genuine rheumatoid arthritis. You need dmards (disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs) like Methotrexate or plaquenil, (hydroxychloroquine) although "biologics" work better. This treatment must be administered by a rheumatologist. One or more of these won't interfere with healing the fusion. The rheumatologist will know which ones. ...Read more

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I have either a bruised or fractured rib after falling off my bike I have an icd fitted that seems ok I am going on a walking holiday do I need x-ra?

Get Checked out: There isn't much to do for a bruised or fractured rib other than pain control (tylenol, ice, etc) and continuing to take deep breaths to keep your lungs expanded, but you should make sure the icd is working and the leads or generator haven't fractured. ...Read more

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Braces (Definition)

They are used in orthodontics. The braces are put onto the teeth at precise anatomical locations, and wire runs through the braces and brings teeth into proper alignment. This is a very short answer for a very ...Read more

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Rheumatoid Arthritis (Definition)

A chronic inflammatory disorder that affects joints and may also affect ...Read more