Doctor insights on: Tingling Purple Toes After Sprain

Dr. Bennett Machanic
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Tingling (Definition)

Tingling is a pins and needle like sensation anywhere on the body. May also be termed paresthesia. Can experience when elbow is bumped (funny bone), or even from frostbite. On its own, unlikely significant but may be part of nerve pathology from ...Read more


Got a bite on hip flexor area purple discoloration extending proximal local inflamed red bite tingling in toes?

Get it checked: Purple discoloration is most likely a bruise (hemolyzed blood from the venom/bite). Whether it is of concern or not, only a doctor can tell. If it is extending, it means the injury is continuing. Tingling in the toes may be a sign of the nerve being affected, so better get it checked. ...Read more

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Is it normal to have tingling toes after rolling your ankle?

It is possible: As swelling can impinge the nerve and also nerve tissue can be stretched out in the process..... ...Read more


Toe is purple/red months after fracturing it, is that normal?

Red, White & Purple.: Do not concern yourself. Since more blood is need to heal damaged tissue, more tiny blood vessels are developed. The vessels are still functioning and displaying their efficiency with the redness. A slightly slower venous return shows a purple. Give it some time to normalize. ...Read more

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Dr. Peter Ihle
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Sprains And Strains (Definition)

Sprains and strains are conditions in which a person has problems with his muscles (strains) and joints (sprains), such as pain, swelling, fractures, restricted movement, or joint instability, due to trauma or excessive exercise. The treatment ...Read more

Dr. Payam Rafat
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Sprain (Definition)

Sprain is also known as Sprains and strains. A sprain is an injury that results from excessive stretching of a ligament, which is a tough band that connects bone to bone and holds joints in place. Rapid swelling and pain ...Read more