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Seizures (Uncontrollable Jerking Of Limbs) (Definition)

A seizure is a symptom in which a person has a convulsion or epileptic attack, usually involving jerking movements of the head, limbs, and rest of the body. It represents abnormal brain function, and can be caused by fever (mainly in young children), by brain infections or tumors, by drug abuse or overdoses, by chemical imbalances, sleep deprivation, etc. ...Read more


How good is carbamazepine in preventing generalised seizures?

How good is carbamazepine in preventing generalised seizures?

Depends: It depends on the individual, since every drug works a little bit differently in every person, but, in general, Carbamazepine is one of the mainstays of therapy for generalized seizures, and is actually a very good drug for treating and preventing seizures. ...Read more


I am on tegretol & Epilim both at 3x200daily, After 45yrs of med. I feel ok if I don't take 1x3 in the morning. I feel more alert at work.No seizures,?

Before you start: stopping your medications, especially for seizure, you must contact your doctor and discuss this with her/him. You want to maintain therapeutic blood levels of your tegretol, and this may have kept you seizure free. In any case, if you want to stop or reduce it, be under careful medical guidance for safety. ...Read more


I take carbamazepine for my seizures and i smoke weed does that effects my lab results?

Tell doctor!: It would depend on the tests that may be done. It is imperative that you inform your doctor of your weed habit to ensure that there no drug-drug interaction with weed and the medications you are taking. ...Read more

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Convulsion (Definition)

Convulsions are rhythmic contractions of all muscles in the body, which create a violent rhythmic motion. A common type of convulsion is ...Read more

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Carbamazepine (Definition)

This drug was once the breakthrough product to treat trigeminal neuralgia, and later various forms of epilepsy, and even psychiatric uses ...Read more