splinter infection finger

Possible nail fungal infection, finger red, swollen, painful, doctor gave me flucloxacillin, why? if its ineffective on fungal infections?

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Dr. Steven E. Zimmet
Aesthetic Medicine
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Poss bacterial infec

You may have a paroncyhia, which can be a bacterial infection. If the prescribed treatment doesn't help within about 2 days, or if it's getting worse, then I'd recommend you call the doctor who prescribed this and let them know. They may want to prescribe if different medication and/or see you back for follow-up
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How to treat a finger infection?

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Dr. Jeffrey C. Wint
Hand Surgery
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 Fingers Infection

FInger infections

need 1. to be evaluated by a medical provider after that the treatment options may be, oral or IV antibitiocs, soaks or compresses, splinting or even surgery. The plan needs to be made and modified depending upon hw the intital treament works. Some conditons need emergency surgery immediatley. Finger infections can spread to the hand and the deep structures fast so back to number one.. GET SEEN
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Is finger pulp infection painful?

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Dr. Hill Hastings
Hand Surgery
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Usually requires surgical incision and drainage unless very early and mild. The are

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Wear gloves w' the tips of fingers cut of.

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Dr. Ramon Garcia-septien
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Bacteria infection in finger and arm?

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Dr. Maritza Baez
Family Medicine
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See a doctor

infections can spread and cause serious complications if not properly treated. A doctor has to physically see this infection you are talking about in order to help you. see your doctor ASAP
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How can I get rid of finger infection?

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Dr. Steven J. Brown
Hand Surgery
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Antibiotics based on exam or cultures are recommended. If access is present this needs to be drained seek care with a hand surgeon.
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Do's And Don'ts

Sticking the side of the finger gives more blood with less pain.

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Dr. Susan Wingo
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Can a finger infection make your arm hurt?

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Is this infection being medically treated? If not please seek medical care now.
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How can I prevent a finger nail infection?

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Dr. Bryan Mohr


Do not cut nails too short Do not pick at cuticles Do not bite your nails Wash - If have an abrasion or opening on skin, clean with perioxide and use an antibacterial ointment for 1-3 days.
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Can gonorrhea cause finger nail infections?

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Dr. Yash K. Khanna
Family Medicine
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No it doe not

No it does not cause finger nail infection
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Paronychia finger infection what symptoms ?

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Redness and swelling

Perionychia can be acute or chronic. Fingers affected with Acute perionychia can be red, swollen and painful. Chronic perionychia can also can also cause swelling and redness of the nail folds but may be itchy or painful. Since causes are different for the two types, treatments are different.
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Finger infection by my nail , what do I do?

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Dr. Bac X. Nguyen
Family Medicine
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Paronychia, a fancy word for small abscess near the base of the nail (as pictured here), and onychia is same thing but on either side of the nail. The treatment for most abscess is incision/drainage--get the puss out. Warm-salt-water soaks may allow this to pop itself and thus no incision needed. So, if you need help, consult doc. If you can do it on your own, more power to you. Good luck
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