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What foods for a bland diet?

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Dr. Robert Kwok
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Non-spicy, low-fiber

A bland diet (soft, low-fiber, non-spicy) may include: lowfat milk and other lowfat dairy; cooked, canned, or frozen vegetables; cooked or canned fruit such as applesauce or canned peaches; white flour breads, crackers, and pasta; refined (lower fiber) hot cereals, such as oatmeal and cream of wheat; tofu; soup broth; mild tea; lean meats, such as poultry, fish, and seafood, without added oils...
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What is a bland diet for people with stomach pain?

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Dr. Thomas C. Namey
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Bland diets don't!

Bland diets were the staple of gastritis and ulcer treatment for years. They did not work. Paradoxically, spicy foods, stimulate the stomach with time to produce cytoprotective prostaglandings which inhibit gastritis and ulcer. People with a spicy and hot diet have fewer ulcers than people who live on bland diets (Mexico vs US). The transition takes time but occurs. See your doctor for meds!
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Yellow stool after suspected food poisioning followed by bland diet. Normal?

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Most likely a reflection of the bland diet and fluids. If bowel movements are persitantly light colored after a few days, contact your doctor.
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Low salt diet

Do's And Don'ts

Myth: If I have a low salt diet all my food will taste bland.

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How many days would I stay on a bland diet following a diverticulitis attack?

Answered by:
Dr. Mark S. Pack
General Surgery
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It depends on how bad the attack is. Sometimes diverticulitis attacks are bad enough that they require hospital admission with IV antibiotics. Sometimes they can be treated with antibiotics by mouth as an outpatient. If the attack is bad you might be kept nothing by mouth for a few days. Or it is possible that you could be kept on clear liquids for a few days while the attack resolves.
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Diabetic diet

Do's And Don'ts

Follow "ADA" diet. Avoid "high glycemic index" food.

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Dr. Mohammed Parvez
Internal Medicine
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I had my gallbladder removed 2 days ago. Is some nausea after a bland diet normal at this point? Otherwise, no complications at all.

Answered by:
Dr. Addagada C. Rao
General Surgery
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Yes , you will be OK

It is only just 2 days post OP, you will e back to normal in few days, don't over eat and go back to your surgeon for post operative follow up
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I had gallbladder surgery 4 days ago. Doing very well. Tired of bland diet, what can I eat?? I'm afraid to eat anything not bland!!

Answered by:
Dr. Mark Kuhnke
General Surgery
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No restrictions

After the gallbladder is removed there is no need to avoid fatty foods. Prior to surgery, a patient with gallbladder problems SHOULD avoid fatty foods to avoid symptoms. A small percentage of patients will get post op urgency, which is an urgent need to have a BM about 30-45 minutes after meals. This will be self limited, or easily quelled with Imodium AD. Good luck.
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Can you tell me if Slimgenics works? They won't say much on the phone. Can you recommend an easy to prepare , bland diet book? Thank you!

Answered by:
Dr. Gerald D. Mick
Family Medicine
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For some it may.

Most diet plans and supplements are modestly helpful, IF you combine them with healthy foods and regular exercise. In general, if patients are willing to spend money on losing weight I recommend Weight Watchers. Consumer reports shows that they outperform the competition by a wide margin. WW teaches good nutrition and backs this up with friendly accountability.

i was taken lot antobiotics for 2 months now have gut flora bland diet ,ho long for my gut to heal , and what can i drink except water, ?

Answered by:
Dr. Su Fairchild
Integrative Medicine
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You need probiotics. Start gently and increase. Consider kombucha, kefir, and other naturally fermented foods. Make sure you get saccharomyces boulardii with the probiotic mix. Eat lots of organic fruit and vegetables. Can drink green tea and herbal teas also. Glutamine can assist in gut healing.
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Stomach pain and fell full after eating just small amounts of food. What does a bland diet consist of and would it help stop the stomach pain?

Answered by:
Dr. Ronald Krauser
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See details

The first thing you need to do is to determine the cause of the pain. A bland diet will not help. See your primary care doctor or a GI specialist.

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