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Dr. Bryan Treacy
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Genital Warts (Definition)

Genital warts are warts with a raised, irregular, flesh colored appearance and can be found anywhere throughout the genital area. The medical term for them is condylomata accuminata and they are caused by certain subtypes of the human papilloma virus (HPV). They are mildly contagious by direct genital contact but are NOT a risk for cervical cancer (which is caused by other subtypes of HPV). There are multiple treatments available and there is also ...Read more


What happens if I just discovered small genital warts I know its a concern but can I get rid of them a.s.a.p?

See a doctor: See a doctor or clinic for professional diagnosis and treatment advice. Over the counter chemicals and various folk remedies have not been studied scientifically and it isn't known how well they work, if at all. Some apparent warts actually are other skin conditions. Self treatment may change the appearince of skin bumps, without curing warts but making it harder to accurately diagnose. ...Read more


Can you tell me if i just discovered small genital warts i know its a concern but can I get rid of them a.S.A.P?

Yes: Small warts are easily treated with cautery or laser and this is quick they may return once or twice after treatment there are creams that treat the disease over a period of time and will treat areas where the virus is not exhibiting itself as warts. ...Read more

Reproductive Organs (Definition)

The major organs of the reproductive system includes, the external genitalia (penis and vulva) as well as a number of internal organs including the gamete producing gonads (testicles and ovaries). Diseases of the human reproductive system are very common and widespread, particularly ...Read more

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Warts (Definition)

Warts are outgrowths of the skin, usually caused by a virus. They are self-limited, meaning that they can go away on its own ...Read more