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Are the red pustules under my eyes eczema?

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Dr. Amin Ashrafzadeh
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Not really!

Eczema causes dry, course, rough, darkened skin, but not really postules, unless you get an infection!
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What are very thin and red pustules on the skin?

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Maybe folliculitis

Folliculitis is a condition that presents with tiny pustules at the roots of the hairs. It is particularly common on hairly areas that sweat a lot, such as chest and buttocks in men, and the skin folds (groin, armpits). There are effective topical and by mouth treatments
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How can I get rid of red pustules and marks on my skin?

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Dr. Peter A. Lio
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See your derm

Adult acne seems to be increasingly common and can cause red pustules and marks on the skin. Rosacea can also do this, as well as bacterial infections such as folliculitis. Depending on the cause, there are almost certainly good treatments, so seeing your doctor will allow you to get a diagnosis and treatment, which may include topical creams and possibly oral medicines.


Do's And Don'ts

Fire Ant Sting Pustules should be washed with Soap & water & dried. Do do pop the pustule.

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I have a lot of red pustules, could it be razor burns or the start of ingrown hairs?

Answered by:
Dr. James W. Eitner
Family Medicine
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Either, or Worse

Either could cause the red pustules or you may have gotten infected hair follicles or skin glands, which may require medication. Do not reuse the razor, since if it is an infection, you can spread it to other areas. If the razor is causing burn or ingrown hairs, then it is dull and needs to be replaced. Keep the area clean, use antibacterial cream, warm compresses, but see doc if worse.

After being diagnosed w/genital herpes noticed small red pustules around face,neck,chest area. Consistently/seemingly same exact locations?????

Answered by:
Dr. Robert K. Killian
General Practice
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There are two types

Herpes comes in two viruses. One is Type one (used to be called simplex or 'oral' herpes) and Type Two (used to be called 'genital' herpes). You only get herpes in one location. The same infection does not move or migrate. It sure sounds like you also have Herpes Type One. I would advise a blood test to prove or disprove this.
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Interesting Fact

Tropical Fire Ant Stings cause pain, redness & swelling and develop into pustules within a day.

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Pain=7 Cheek swelling. Lump mouth bottom gum line.Freely moving White pustule pops, Bleeds turns in2 red pustule. disappears&reappears always samespot?

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Dr. Robert Kwok
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Dental abscess?

If a lump is in the gums (not on the inside nor the outside of the cheeks), and it swells with pus and then breaks open, it can be a tooth abscess. An abscess from the root of a tooth can spread to the gum surface and appear as a pustule. A dentist can evaluate to see if that is the problem.

I keep getting red sore pustules under my eyes, could it be eczema?

Answered by:
Dr. Ehsan E. Sadri
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Sore pustules that occur on the eyelids can be serious in nature and need to be examined by an eye MD. Many things can cause these from eczema to infections.
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my eye is redness?

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Could be conjunctivitis, if it does not prove see U physixian.
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Vulva redness & burning?

Answered by:
Dr. Dennis G. Higginbotham
American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
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Vagina Female Health Vagina Vulva

See doctor

You could have any of a number of problems including an allergic reaction, yeast, herpes, or other infection.
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