prolonged erection

What is the definition or description of: Prolonged erection?

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Generally an erection lasting over 4 hours is considered prolonged. If it is due to ED medications, it should resolve spontaneously, but consultation with a urologist is suggested.
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Could prolonged erection from masturbation be harmful?

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Nature limits this. In fact, there is some evidence that extreme efforts to avoid ejaculation are harmful to the prostate both in the short and long runs, as well as making life -- which is already hard enough -- much more difficult. Learn about your body, and use your sexuality responsibly and wisely.

Which drugs can cause you to have a prolonged erection as a side effect?

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Dr. Thomas C. Namey
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This is a definite side effect of this drug. However, male hormones, and ED drugs will do it too.

Sleep apnea

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Sleep Apnea can cause low testosterone, decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction

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Was with my gf.had a prolonged erection without ejaculation yesterday,today i masturbated,saw blood in whole semen,im scared,serious?i hav prostatitis

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Don't worry

I'm glad you have somebody special. This happens to many men from time to time, especially after prolonged arousal. Nobody really understands why, but it's not something to worry about unless you have other symptoms / signs over at least two weeks.
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Sexual health

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Most men do experience some kind of erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives.

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Can prolonged erections be painful?

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Dr. Bac X. Nguyen
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Priapism=not good

Prolonged erection that is unrelated to stimulation and is unrelieved by ejaculation =priapism which is painful and is considered an emergency. If not treated, which can lead to tissue death and thus injury to the penis and functional recovery may be in jeopardy. So if this is troubling u, call doc ASAP. Good luck
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How can I avoid prolonged erections?

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Love wisely & well

At your age, most men get frequent erections, though not so often as during the teens and twenties. Normal sexual activity with a partner or by yourself. If someone has made you feel guilty or concerned about this natural phenomenon or the thoughts that go with them, then talk to someone with common sense who's not trying to manipulate you through fear. And love responsibly.
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Nocturnal erections (on waking with full bladder) more uncomfortable and prolonged since prescribed Doxazosin. Any risk of priapism here?

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small risk

Alpha blockers such as doxazosin have improved erections in some men. The risk of priapism is very small with such treatment.

If you take Viagra prior to sleep would nocturnal erections induce priapism?

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Viagra and any agent used treat erectile dysfunction can induce priapism. If Viagra is taken at night, then it is possible that a normal erection could last longer and cause priapism. Who actually develops priapism depends on their risk factors such as age, comorbidities including diabetes and hypertension, and use of other medications. The more comorbidities a man has, the less likely.

i have suffered a priapism tow months ago , i do have partial erection at night is it possible that i recover without installing prosthesis implant?

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Priapism cause?

What was the reason of your priapism? Priapism, as for example due to medications, that was treated promptly and did not cause scarring could return to baseline. Any event that leads to significant scarring, such as prolonged priapism and related to sickle cell disease may make it more difficult to have normal erections. However that does not mean you will need a prosthesis. Consult a urologist

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