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Dr. Al Hegab
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Pregnancy (Definition)

When your due date arrives, you will be more than ready to have your baby! Most women deliver the baby somewhere between 37 and 42 weeks. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, only 5% of babies arrive on the exact due date. Approximately 7% of babies are not delivered by 42 weeks, and when that happens, it is referred to ...Read more


What are symptoms of yeast infection in women in pregnancy?

What are symptoms of yeast infection in women in pregnancy?

Discharge and itchin: The commest symptoms are ithching, discomfort and thich white cheesy discharge from vagina it can also sometimes cause pan or burning during urination or during sex. ...Read more


Is it possible that a yeast infection be a symptom of early pregnancy?

Well..: It is not a symptom of pregnancy but yeast infections can occur more frequently with pregnancy. ...Read more

Dr. Katharine Cox
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Infection (Definition)

Infections are invasions of some other organism (fungus, bacteria, parasite) or viruses into places where they do not belong. For instance, we have normal gut bacteria that live within us without causing problems; however, when those penetrate the bowel wall and enter the bloodstream, ...Read more

Yeast (Definition)

Any of various unicellular fungi of the genus saccharomyces, especially s. Cerevisiae, reproducing by budding and from ascospores and capable ...Read more