painless fleshy genital bumps

What is the cure for a painless fleshy genital warts for women?

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Dr. Addagada C. Rao
General Surgery
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Cure by doctor

Genital area is very sensitive over the counter medications will cause damage, need special techniques to see the location of lesions inside vagina for total elimination of HPV virus . Also doctor will advise her to get quadrivalent vaccination, and prevent future cancer of cervix , so no home remedy , need professional care.
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Should I see a doctor i have small painless bumps over my body, on my hands, feet, genital and rectal area, they do itch but that is all

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Itching Body Dermatology Feet Foot Hand Itch Itching Reproductive organs

See a dermatologist

Best to see a dermatologist since it is so widespread.
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Red pimple like bumps on my left inner thigh in crotch area. painless and not itchy. If popped pus comes out.I have genital hsv 1. they wont go away??

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Family Medicine
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 Drainage Groin Herpes simplex 1 HSV Itching Pimples Pus Reproductive organs

See Doctor

Most probably have infection, need to see your Doctor. Maybe able to go to STD clinic
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Living with Genital Herpes

Interesting Fact

Get typed. Hsv1 is less likely to have genital recurrences than Hsv2. If HSV2, consider acyclovir.

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Dr. Brian Nguyen
Obstetrics and Gynecology

I have a red, fleshy bump in my genital area. Also a crusty looking ring with a bump in the middle of my inner thing. What could these be?

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Dr. John C. Munshower
Family Medicine
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See doc

Any guesses over the computer would be just hat. Best for you to get rashes and bumps physically looked at to get the proper diagnosis and treatment, Bet wishes.
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Bumps and blisters in genital area?

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Dr. Leonid Basovich
Family Medicine
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Can be STD

presence of bumps and blisters + pain your indicated further is suggesting Herpes genitalis. Go and see your doctor for exam, STD screen, correct diagnosis and treatment

Living with Genital Herpes

What To Ask Your Doc

Doctor, are my herpes outbreaks enough to warrant daily suppressive medications?

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Dr. Ryan Phasouk
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What are pimple like bumps under genital hair?

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10010580x1386628743 10040350x1392516741
Hair Follicle; sebaceous gland Body Scrotum Skin Pimples Reproductive organs

Genital pimples?

Although we can have "pimples" on any body part, they are usually tender or annoying. The bumps at the bases of hair follicles on the scrotum or vaginal skin are most often only visible glands or small collections of glandular material. They are completely normal.
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Are all bumps found on testicles genital warts?

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Dr. Jennifer Lang
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Not at all

There are many different causes of "bumps" or lesions on the scrotum, some are infectious, others are not. Please see your doctor right away for a full exam and evaluation

Do hard bumps on the foreskin meant genital warts?

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Foreskin Foreskin Genital warts Reproductive organs Warts HPV


Maybe or maybe not. A doctor or other health care professional should be able to tell you the answer.
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I have itchy red bumps on my genital area what could they be?

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Dr. Robert Kwok
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 Warts Antibiotic Anti fungal drug Red bumps Hydrocortisone Rash Hydrocortisone cream Infection Eczema Itching Red skin Reproductive organs Itchy rash

Many possibilities

Rashes are quite hard to describe and diagnose in words. A primary care, dermatologist, urologist, or Ob-Gyn doctor will have to look at a genitals rash in order to tell what it is. If an eczema or allergic rash, hydrocortisone cream helps. If fungal, an antifungal cream is needed. If bacterial, antibiotic pills or cream is needed. If warts or some other infection, special treatments are needed.

Do I have some harmless bumps on my penis or is it genital herpes?

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Dr. Robert C. Greer
Family Medicine
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This requires a look-a "bump" to you may be a vesicle,papule,cyst,or a multitude of other things to us.Please see a Dr for proper diagnosis.
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