oral sex after childbirth

When can we have oral sex again after childbirth?

Answered by:
Dr. Tod C. Aeby
Obstetrics and Gynecology
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After about 6 weeks

As a general rule, sexual activity of any kind should wait until the vagina and perineum have completely healed and your bleeding has stopped. This will usually take about 4 to 6 weeks, depending on whether you had any tears or an episiotomy. After that, take it slow. As long as the sexual activity does not cause pain, you are unlikely to be damaging anything or threatening your health.
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When can I start having anal sex again after childbirth?

Answered by:
Dr. Megan Bird
Obstetrics and Gynecology
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6-8 weeks

The cervix leading to the uterus is open for about 6 weeks after delivery. When the cervix is open, bacteria can get inside the uterus and cause an infection. Anal intercourse can cause the bacteria to move up the vagina and increase the risk of infection.
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Can sex be pleasurable months after a vagina tear from childbirth?

Answered by:
Dr. Ashok K. Mehta
Internal Medicine
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Yes, it is just not the size of vaginal orifice, there are other nerve fiber which are involved in pleasure.
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First trimester Pregnancy

Do's And Don'ts

Childbirth is like a marathon, the stronger & more flexible you are the easier it'll be. Start Training Today!

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Dr. Rahman Johnson
Family Medicine
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Will it be painful to have sex for the first time after childbirth?

Answered by:
Dr. Amy M. Herold
Obstetrics and Gynecology
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After childbirth estrogen levels drop which can cause a decrease in vaginal lubrication. Add to this any stitches or tears that might have occurred during delivery and it can be uncomfortable for some women to have sex. Waiting 6 weeks after delivery, using lubricant and going slow the first few times after delivery is the best way to make sure that it is pleasurable for you too.
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What do the experts think, should my man still enjoy having sex with me after childbirth?

Answered by:
Dr. George T. Klauber
Pediatric Urology
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Certainly hope so

Hopefully he will find you just as sexy as before baby & same applies to you. Will be worth practicing Kegel exercises to return tone to your pelvic floor muscles if vagina feels too loose after the baby. Congratulations upon having baby at your age & good luck to the 3 of you.
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Third trimester Pregnancy

Do's And Don'ts

In addition to a childbirth class, you may want to consider classes on baby care & breastfeeding.

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Dr. David J. Rosenfeld
Pain Management
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Due to acute blood loss w/ childbirth, hemoglobin levels went from 13 to 8. How long with diet and oral supplements before back to normal range?

Answered by:
Dr. Sewa Legha
Medical Oncology
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3-4 months

Your body can make up for it quite quickly but it takes 3-4 weeks before the Hb begins to rise by about 1-2 grams per month.
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Is sex safe in the third trimester? Can it cause preterm labor? What positions are best? Is oral sex ok?

Answered by:
Dr. Andrew Y. Silverman
Fertility Medicine
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Sex 3rd trimester

It is safe to have sex in the third trimester, as long as your partner is positioned so that his weight isn't on your tummy. Lying at the edge of a bed with your partner standing is usually the easiest. It is unlikely to cause preterm labor. Oral sex is OK.

No sex after birth of baby, does this include oral?

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This would not

prevent fellacio (in which the woman is providing oral sex to a male).

Im on birth control and im on a weeksdose of augmentin i had oral sex am i still protected?

Answered by:
Dr. Robert Grieco
Family Medicine
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You can not get pregnant from having oral sex. Augmentin will not protect you from sexual transmitted diseases that you can get from oral sex. You would need to use a condom.

if a woman is on birth control and the partners are having oral sex, what is the purpose of a condom?

Answered by:
Dr. Barbara A Majeroni
Family Medicine
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STD protection

There are sexually transmitted diseases that can be passed through oral sex.
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