Doctor insights on: Nursing Diagnosis For Hypovolemic Shock

Dr. Adam Lewis
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Hypovolemic Shock (Definition)

Hypovolemic shock as the name implies is a shock state due to low circulating intravascular volume. This could be hemorrhagic, due to blood loss or non-hemorrhagic due to profound dehydration from fluid loss such as vomiting, or diarrhea, burns or poor oral intake. Treatment starts with large volume intravenous fluid replacement and correction ...Read more


Which is the best nursing diagnosis for neonatal sepsis?

Which is the best nursing diagnosis for neonatal sepsis?

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Dr. William Walsh
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Shock (Definition)

A condition in which a person cannot circulate enough blood (carrying oxygen and nutrients) to the vital organs in the body. If shock persists, various parts of the body will stop working, and the person will die. Causes of shock include injuries, excessive bleeding, heart failure, infections, chemical imbalances, ...Read more