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Palsy (Definition) a corruption of French "paralise" from Latinized Greek "paralysis." In the old days it meant any kind of persistent weakness. To this day Parkinson's disease is also called "paralysis agitans" which is a Latin translation of Dr. Parkinson's original name for it, the "shaking palsy." We've obviously reborrowed the full form "paralysis" into English as well; today ...Read more


Which is the best nursing diagnosis for neonatal sepsis?

Which is the best nursing diagnosis for neonatal sepsis?

Do your homework: The site is not a shortcut for you to get your nursing homework answered for you. Apply yourself ; acquire the answers from the texts ; sources in your curriculum. To be successful as a nurse you need to do the work ; gain the skills or you will be neither happy or successful. ...Read more

Dr. John Hoffmann
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Bells Palsy (Definition)

A disorder affecting the nerve that controls movement of muscles in the face. Symptoms usually occur on only one side of the face, and may include having difficulty closing an eye, difficulty keeping food and fluids in the mouth, and ...Read more

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Paralysis (Definition)

A paralyzed limb cannot be voluntarily moved, and the term reflects leg involvement, paraplegia, full body, quadriplegia, and less than full, tetraplegia. Causes can be many, including stroke, trauma, ...Read more