Blood in nose?

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Dr. David I. Astrachan
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
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Blood in the nose is very common especially in drier colder climates. The tissues inside the nose are very delicate and easily injured and when injured can bleed. A little bit of blood once in a while on a tissue is usually nothing to be concerned about. More significant amounts of blood may be of concern and should merit a visit to an ENT doctor.

my nose burns?

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Dr. Pablo Arango
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
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More details.

Is this old or new? is your nose running? Fever or cold symptoms? Do you use drugs? Burning in the nose generally comes from inflammation. A good Otolaryngologist can get to the ottom of the cause

Nose allergy floo?

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Dr. Jack Mutnick
Allergy and Immunology
Hypersensitivity Allergies Child allergies Flu Hypersensitivity Influenza NaSal Nose Saline nasal spray Virus

Nasal Allergy

Please be more specific. I am sorry but there is no question here and you are asking about nasal allergies or the influenza virus. Please re-phrase.

Infant Health

Do's And Don'ts

A child with a foreign body (such as a bead) in the nose must blow it out or see a doctor very soon.

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Dr. Geoffrey W. Rutledge
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Why my nose bleed?

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Dr. John McMahan
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
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 Asa Bacitracin NaSal Bleeding Bacitracin ointment Aspirin Nose Infection Nosebleeds


Nosebleeds can be caused by dryness and crusting, foreign bodies, tumors, septal deviations, infections and a number of other causes. ASA or Nasaids make it harder to stop. You can try Bacitracin ointment but if it persists or is severe see an ENT doc for answers ,

roseaca on my nose?

Answered by:
Dr. Steven E. Zimmet
Aesthetic Medicine
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 Rosacea Flushing Red skin Skin thickening Veins Pimples Nose Skin Spider veins NaSal


Rosacea can cause changes on the nose. These include flushing, persistent redness, spider veins, bumps and pimples. It can also cause rhinophyma, sometimes referred to as WC Fields nose, characterized by skin thickening and enlargement of the nose. See a dermatologist to help determine if the changes you're observing are due to rosacea or some other cause

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“You haven't lost your smile at all, it's right under your nose. You just forgot it was there.” Anon

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White skin in nose?

Answered by:
Dr. Mark C. Loury
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
Skin Cleaning Metaplasia NaSal Nose Saline Skin Tissue

Lining change

If there is white tissue inside the nose then it usually is a lining change, squamous metaplasia, that forms on an area that is constantly irritated. It is a protective response. Often there are yellow to bloody crusts that cover these areas because this area no longer can clean itself. Suggest saline 3x daily followed by sesame oil

Why do my nose run?

Answered by:
Dr. Taj Jiva
Internal Medicine
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Nose run

Nose can run which is called rhinorrhea can be from sensitivity to temperature, smell, odor, smoke etc or seasonal allergic rhinitis. Some people have gustotory rhinorrhea where they have run nose with meals which including profuse sweating. Need to make sure that you do not have nasal polyps. Advise allergy evaluation is it persists.

Red rash tip of nose?

Answered by:
Dr. Ronald Krauser
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; nasal cavity; palate; lips; oral cavity; jaw; tongue; larynx; pharynx Dermatitis Dermatology NaSal Nose Rash Skin rash

Have it evaluated

No one can offer a diagnostic opinion without seeing the rash. Contact your family doctor or a dermatologist.

Nose bleeding severe?

Answered by:
Dr. Phil Zapanta
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
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external; healthy Bleeding NaSal Nose

Pressure initially

PInch the soft part of your nostrils together for at least 15 min. If you have a decongestant nasal spray, such as oxymetazoline, use 2 sprays in each nostril prior to holding pressure. This will help constrict the blood vessels and help stop the bleeding. If it is still bleeding after 15 min, then spray your nose again and hold pressure for another 15 min. If this doesn't work, see a doctor.
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What is nose blister?

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Many causes

This can be caused by many diseases. See dermatologist to find out.
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