male bacterial infection symptoms

Can a bacterial infection delay menstruation?

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a significant infection could delay one's menstrual period.

What is the difference between a bacterial infection and a viral infection?

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Dr. Robert Kwok
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Different germ types

Bacteria are larger germs, and they can live in a broth or culture dish in a lab, or sometimes in soup, egg salad, etc... Treatment is with "antibiotics", but the exact term should be "antibacterials". Viruses are much smaller, and cannot reproduce on their own. Viruses have to invade other cells, such as our own cells, and use those cells to make new viruses. Anti-virals are used to stop viruses.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of different treatments for bacterial infections?

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Bacterial Treatments

Bacteria unlike viruses require treatment usually with antibiotics. The advantages ( curing the infection) far outway most often any disadvantages. Some bacterial disease can be treated locally without antibiotics but most will require it. The disadvantage in the use of antibiotics is it can cause a change in the normal bacteria in the bowel and elsewhere and of course can lead to resistance t g
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Depends on which!

Most bacterial infections must be treated with antibiotics -- your doctor chooses which antibiotic to use based on which bacterial infection it is,where it is,how bad the infection is,and the antibiotic resistance patterns in your area. Antibiotics can sometimes cause allergic reactions or side effects (i.e., vomiting,diarrhea,yeast infection),so only use them when there's bacterial infection.

Skin Health

Do's And Don'ts

Calendula cream or ointment is safe & gentle on the skin, and can prevent bacterial infection.

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Bacterial infection in intestine / WBC 19000, is it normal for WBC to jump so high b/c of bacteria?

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Dr. Keith E. Stockerl-Goldstein
Hematology and Oncology
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It is a normal response to an infection to see a high white blood cell count. It should normalize when the infection has resolved.
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Gotten C. Diff twice from taking metronidazole for a bacterial infection. I thought metronidazole treated C. Diff?

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Dr. Gutti J. Rao
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C. Diff enteritis

Surprising!! Metronidazole is the treatment for C.Diff. May be you are resistant to metronidazole, you may have to try vanco in po.

Psoriasis & Eczema

What To Ask Your Doc

A sudden, new-onset of psoriasis can indicate a bacterial infection. See a doctor!!!

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Dr. Jeffrey Hick

Dr. vaginal bacteria infection leads to infertility?is it true?what time it will take to cure vaginal bacterial infection?

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Dr. Martin Raff
Infectious Disease
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Yes, some vaginal infections, particularly gonorrhea with PID, non-gonococcal infection (Chlamydia, etc.) and others can potentially cause infertility. The time necessary to treat these will depend upon what you have. Go and see a doctor and be fully evaluated. Good luck.

How to explain to a patient with leukemia with high white blood count how important it is to avoid bacterial infections?

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Dr. Dragos Luca
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See below...

Leukemia affects the immune system, therefore leukemic patients are more susceptible to infections than normal people. Additionally, the chemotherapy that is used to treat leukemia also decreases the patient's immunity. In conclusion, patients with leukemia should avoid all possible sources of infection including sick people, crowded places, raw foods, etc.

When you have a bacterial infection, say gonorrhea, does that mean you're infected with a single bacterium or many bacteria?

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Dr. Michael E. Ein
Infectious Disease
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See below

You would usually be infected with only one strain of a bacterial species but thousands or millions of individual bacteria cells would be present at the site of infection.
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I know its not efficient, but could you get rid of a bacterial infection by infecting the bacteria with a bacteriophage virus?

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While the theory sounds good, there are complex issues involved in proving that method of treatment to be more safe and effective than current approved and accepted treatments; those studies have been unsuccessful in that endeavor.
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I have constant, haemophilius influenza bacterial infection in lungs and bronchiectasis, can I clear the bacteria infection . ?

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Dr. John T. Chiu
Allergy and Immunology
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We now realize that even a healthy lung is colonized by some bacteria. However with bronchiectasis, it is even more difficult to clear out the bacteria. Some have found postural drainage with assist beneficial. In appropriate cases, the bronchiectasis area , if limited, can be resected. You should consult a pulmonologist.
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