is green poop bad

Is green poop bad? What does it mean?

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Green feces

can occur with certain meds (iron), food dyes, green veggies , med conditions & rapid transit of stool through the GI tract.

I have been eating a lot of green leafy foods, now I have green poop. Is it bad? Should I stop eating spinach, lettuce, and veggies? What should I do?

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Dr. Lizbeth Alter
Family Medicine
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No, plz do not stop. Now, I believe in moderation even in moderation. Have some greens with each meal and vary them. Also make sure your chewing properly. It could be that you are not chewing enough and that's why your poop is so green...hope this helps
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My daughter had gall bladder surgery and is still passing green poop and smells real bad is this normal se had lapascopy?

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Dr. Terry L. Simpson
General Surgery
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decrease the amount of fat that she is eating and it should clear up- or get rid of all fat and see how it does

Infant Health

Do's And Don'ts

Don't get too worried if your baby doesn't poop every day if he/she is otherwise healthy.

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Dr. Charles W. Breaux, Jr
Pediatric Surgery
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I started out with a fever, then bad green poop and horrible gas. my stool is now back to brown color and solid i have a pain below my collar bone.

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Dr. Robert K. Killian
General Practice
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Pain under the collar bone is usually referred pain from something irritating the diaphragm (this muscle does not have pain fibers). Fever, with green stool usually can represent gall bladder disease in females your age. I would say you can observe for now, but the persistent pain is worrisome. If it does not improve or worsens please contact your physician.
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im pooping black and light green is this bad?

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Dr. Jeffrey S. Crespin
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Not necessarily

The color of your stool is affected by what you eat. If you had peptobismo which has bismuth. This will make your stools black. Stool can also be black from gastrointestinal bleeding. Digested blood looks black. If you eat lots of green leafy fibrous vegetables, your stools could look greener. The bigger question is are you having diarrhea, i.e more than 3 stools or watery stools a day.

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Do not wear bear bells! In Alaska bear bells are found in some bear poop. :)

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Dr. Gena Kluwe
Internal Medicine
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Why is my poop green now for four to five days and I don't eat green leafe veg, so Wat can cause this and is it bad for u ????

Answered by:
Dr. Charles Glassman
Internal Medicine
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Green Stool

It could be something else your are eating or a new medication or supplement you are taking. Additionally, bile can cause greenish bowel movements and if you have "rapid transit" of your bowels, for some reason, this could be the cause. It is usually not serious and goes away. If it lasts for another week or so, you may want to have it checked out.
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My three week old daughter has bad gas is that a problem?. Doing half breastfeeding. And half formula feeding and her poop is healthy its green

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Dr. Judy Black
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Gas OK

It is common for infants to be gassy. If she is stooping normally and has normal growth, it should not be a problem.
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Haven't been able to go to bathroom for almost 3 days, and now my poop is dark green and it smells very bad. Why, and should I worry, and what to do?

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Dr. Pavel Conovalciuc
Family Medicine
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The smell of your poop as well as its color are not good enough cues to tell whether you should worry or not. I would expect it to smell bad even if it didn't stay in for 3 days, but much more so if it did. The green color of your poop if unusual, but to be honest, it's a subjective estimate of it and doesn't tell me what's going on. if you have no other symptoms and your stool resumes routine =OK
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Is holding in poop bad?

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It isn't a

healthy habit to maintain.
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Does green tea make u poop?

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Drinking too much

green tea can cause diarrhea for some people and constipation in others.

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