Doctor insights on: How To Tell Difference Between Carpal Bone Fracture And Sprain


How to tell difference between carpal bone fracture and sprain?

How to tell difference between carpal bone fracture and sprain?

By X-ray: Both will have pain swelling , loss of function x-ray will differentiate one from other ...Read more

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Fracture (Definition)

A fracture is a broken bone. As there is cartilage at the end of many bones at the joint, a fracture may also include a break in the cartilage. Fractures and broken bones are the same thing. It seems that many believe that a "fracture" is a lesser injury or an incomplete break in the bone, but this is not correct. Fractures may be displaced or ...Read more


Can i still work out while wearing a walking boot? #nqlu I have a fractured bone in my foot due to an ankle sprain and must wear a walking boot for 6 weeks for the bone to heal. What type of exercises can I still engage in?

You : You can engage in any upper body activity you like, and can also swim. I would not engage in any activity that involves you standing or putting any pressure on your foot / ankle or leg. That would include cycling. ...Read more

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Broken Bone (Definition)

Broken bone is also known as Fracture. A bone fracture is a condition in which there is a break in the bone. It can be caused by a high force injury or it may result from a previous medical condition that involves weakening of the bone. Common symptoms include severe pain, swelling of the surrounding ...Read more

Bone (Definition)

Bone is a living growing tissue made mostly of collagen (protein that provides soft framework) & the mineral calcium phosphate that adds strength & hardens the framework. Two types of bone are found in the body; cortical (dense compact outer layer) & trabecular (makes up inner layer, ...Read more