Doctor insights on: How Much Colace Should I Take

Dr. Ravi Chand
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Docusate Sodium (Definition)

Docusate sodium is a laxative which is a ...Read more


Does elder need to take colace (docusate sodium) daily if in nursing home? Ordered prn.

Depends on stooling: A lot of nursing home patients have a difficult time with stooling. Some medications, especially opiate pain medications, are constipating. For those individuals colace (docusate sodium) is a necessary thing. Not all though, and if stooling is going well, there's no reason to add another medication. Much also depends on the ability to generate enough force to get the stool out. ...Read more


Can i take bisacodyl usp and docusate sodium together?

NO: these are the same medication- do not overuse laxatives. Use 8-10 glasses of fluid, fiber ( fruit, vegetables, cereals) and bran. ...Read more

Dr. Patricia Foster
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Colace (Definition)

Colace is a laxative which is a ...Read more