home remedies for xanthelasmata

xanthelasmata, what can i do to get rid of these over both my eyes?

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Dr. David A. Chandler
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Tonometer; intraocular pressure Blood Cholesterol test Excise Eye Lipid Skin Surgery Triglyceride Xanthelasmata


Xanthelasma is thought to be deposits of fat or cholesterol in the skin over or under the eyes. It most likely indicates elevated blood levels of cholesterol, lipids, or triglycerides. Xanthelasma, once its forms, cannot be removed medically. Only using surgery can the deposits be removed.
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I have a xanthelasmata around my eyes and they look really bad. What can I do to get rid of them?

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Dr. Tim Conrad
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An ophthalmologist can remove these.
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Acne home remedy?

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Dr. Sandra M. Pinkham
Holistic Medicine
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Sulfur granules

Fowler's Acne Formula calls for the use of flower of Sulfur granules topically on skin. Can use with weak benzoyl peroxide gel 2.5 % for pimples and salicylic acid for papules. Acne is diabetes of the skin. Eat healthy, get good sleep, exercise, and reduce stress, especially stress over the appearance of skin. Acne may be a awake up call to make changes to enhance over all health.
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Do's And Don'ts

Severe cases: See a dermatologist for oral accutane treatment. Works great.

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Dr. Colin Kopes-Kerr
Family Medicine
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Home remedy for uti?

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Urinary Cranberry juice Fruit juice Hydration Infection See your doctor Urinary Urinary tract


Excellent hydration with water and use of cranberry juice helps some people. However the response is variable, so the best thing to do is to see your doctor for treatment.

home remedy for uti?

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Dr. George T. Klauber
Pediatric Urology
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Behavior-diet-items Constipation Cranberry juice Antibiotic Bathing Infection Urination Urine Sex Urinary Tract Infections

Prescription meds at

home. You then reduce risk of further infections by taking cranberry juice, urinating after sex, wearing cottoin underwear & avoid wearing thongs, avoid constipation, drink plenty of water, urinate regularly & shower rather than bathe. Dont use bubble bath. You need antibiotics to get reid of a UTI, there is unfortunately no proven home remedy for UTIs. Good Luck
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Adolescent health

Do's And Don'ts

Wear Orthodontic Retainers EXACTLY as directed to avoid need for re-treatment.

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home remedy for high bp?

Answered by:
Dr. Amin Ashrafzadeh
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sphygmomanometer; stethoscope Abnormal blood pressure Blood Blood pressure Exercise High blood pressure Losing weight Relaxation techniques Hypertension

Very serious!

High blood pressure is a vey serious disease with devastating consequences. There are things you can do to help, weight loss, exercise, relaxation techniques, yoga.... But, must be monitored closely. If your efforts are insufficient, then it must be treated with medicine!

Home remedy for scabies?

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need prescription therapy
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Home remedy for balding?

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Dr. Thomas G. Fiala
Plastic Surgery
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There aren't any

that I know of that actually work. Minoxidil is available over the counter.
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Home remedies for a UTI?

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Lots of fluids could help, i.e. perhaps "wash out" or dilute out the infection. Antibiotics require a prescription. Cranberry products which may help prevent an infection, may not be effective for an established infection.
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Home remedy for balainits?

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You could

You could try a combination of 1 percent hydrocortisone and lotrimin AF creams twice a day for 1 week. If not better see your dermatologist.
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