gums behind front teeth swollen

The gums behind my top four front teeth are swollen. What causes this?

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 Burns Feeding Gums Injuries Teeth

Many possibilities

All of the possibilities offered previously are considerations. Another possibility is trauma from eating, especially a burn. The most common cause of this is from hot cheese from pizza.
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Pls help me! i have a small bubble mass which is swollen gum between my upper front teeth?

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Dr. John Francis
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Usually the swelling is due to infection so get it checked please!
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The front teeth are still swollen after seeing the dentist, and now one of my gums are bleeding. Help?

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Dr. Dinh Bui
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Clean, occlusion

Cleaning your teeth, brush hard with soft toothbrush at the gum, and go to the dentist to check the occlusion. Was it hitting in the back every time you bite down or swallow? Relieved this occlusion by grinding the back of the top teeth or the top of opposing teeth. If bleeding persist, laser can be used. Followed up and treat periodontally. If pain occurs, check for nerve inflammation.
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Braces and Orthodontics


A water pik helps to clean around the braces on the front teeth

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Dr. William Coppola
Pediatric Dentistry

I'm 24 weeks pregnant. Why might the gums over one of my front teeth be swollen, tender, and bleeding,?

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Dr. Jeffrey N. Goldstein
Cosmetic Dentistry
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Pregnancy gingivitis

It could be pregnancy gingivitis. It is a condition of altered sensitivity to the plaque in your mouth and usuall will involve more than one tooth. It might also be an abcessed gum or tooth nerve (which will usually be just one tooth). See a dentist to determine the actual cause of this problem, and do it quickly. Research has shown that swollen, bleeding gums can affect pregnancies.
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I just had alloderm gum surgery in top 2 front teeth and gum is whiter and swollen is this an infection?

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 AlloDerm Infection Surgery Teeth

Not necessarily

You just had the surgery, you need to give it some time and follow the post operative instructions given by your dentist. Of course, he is the best person to ask and show the area in question
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Gum Disease

What To Ask Your Doc

Hey doc, did you measure the probing depths of my gums around every single teeth in my mouth.?? :-)

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Dr. Sam Markzar
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The gums above my two front teeth are swollen and I need them to go back to normal within 72 hours what do I do?

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Swollen Gums

Swollen gums could be a possible sign of infection. Go and see your dentist as soon as possible if you need the swelling to go down in 72 hours. It could be something as simple as getting your teeth cleaned, or it could be something much worse.
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Go to your dentist

A swollen gum is not normal. You may have an infection in the gum, bone, or tooth. Not only is this uncosmetic, but very unhealthy. Call your dentist today for and evaluation, and discussion of your options. With assistance from your dentist, it is quite possible to resolve this within your time period. With no dental treatment......?? Who knows... Call today.
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 Dentistry Gums Red skin Teeth Back

Why 72 hours?

Not sure why 72 hours is important to you, however, if your gums are red, irritated and swollen, you should see your dentist asap. There is either a long standing gum problem or you may have an acute issue that can be resolved quickly. You probably can't treat this on your own.
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Depending on the severity of the swelling and the reason for it, you may be able to get some resolution by brushing.
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The gums around my brother's four front teeth are very red but they are not swollen or hurting. What could it be?

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Dr. Lawrence Kessler
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Red gums

There are several reasons for red gums on the front teeth Maybe he is a mouth breather instead of just breathing through his nose this irritates the front gums Otherwise he may not be cleaning the area well and the tissues are starting to break down Have him see a periodontist to evaluate him
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My son was kicked in the mouth and his front teeth was pushed in to his gums he is 3 years old. his gums are swollen

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Get your son checked out by a pediatric dentist. It might be that no treatment is needed but you will feel better to hear that from the dentist. An x-ray will probably be done to make sure that no other damage has occurred and you will find out if anything needs to be done for the gum swelling.
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Just how swollen can I expect my facial area to be following an allograft gum tissue grafting on two adjacent upper front teeth?

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 Allograft Face Facials Graft Gums Teeth Tissue

Post Op Swelling

You should only have mild to moderate swelling. Having said that, the amount of swelling varies from individual to individual. I have found the biggest determining factor is how easily you bruise. It also varies according to local conditions, medical history, medications, expertise of surgeon, etc.
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I have root canal treatment done 5 years ago to my upper front teeth and since then I had my gum swollen around that teeth . What is the reason?

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Dr. Jeffrey N. Goldstein
Cosmetic Dentistry
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A few possibilities.

The swollen gum can be because the root canal failed and you got re-infected. If the tooth was crowned, it could be due to an ill-fitting crown or poorly shaped filling that is at the gum line. It could have nothing to do with the root canal and is actually caused by heavy plaque and tartar under the gum. See a dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Root canals can fail and become re-infected causing the gum to swell. It may also be that a different tooth nearby that has not had a root canal is also infected and needs treatment. Other possibilities are periodontal infection, or a poorly fitting crown or filling causing irritation. Bottom line is that your dentist needs to take a look to properly diagnose the problem and help you treat it.
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