Foot odor?

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Dr. Sahba Ferdowsi
General Practice
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sweaty man Perspiration Feet Foot Bacteria Tinea Athlete's foot

Sweat and bacteria

The mixture of sweat with bacteria usually in moist environment create foot odor.

Charcot foot?

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Dr. Barbara A Majeroni
Family Medicine
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bunion repair Stress Neuropathy Weakness Feet Foot Nerve damage Motor Muscle Charcot Marie Tooth


Usually seen in diabetics who have reduced sensation in their feet, a motor neuropathy leads to weakness of intrinsic muscles of the foot. Repetative stress on the foot results in bones becoming misplaced and causing deformity
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Possible deformity

Any condition causing numbness to your feet can cause a charcot foot. As a result of the numbness, daily use of the foot, and other physiologic changes, some of the bones in your feet begin to break down. The bones then coalesce which possibly results in a bony deformity.

foot drop shoes

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 Ankle Feet Foot Foot drop Footdrop Male Shoes

Foot Drop Shoes

The only shoe type I have ever found useless for some of my patients with drop foot is some stable heel. Since it is hard to lift your foot past ankle neutral, the heel makes it easier to move from heel lift to propulsion. For a guy, probably cowboy boots would be the best, or dansko clog type shoes. Dr Rich Blake

Foot Care

Do's And Don'ts

Make sure the box across the top of the foot is not too tight or you could get bunions.

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Dr. Marsha F. Davis
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Top of foot pain?

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Multiple answers

This could from tight shoes aggravating the nerves, lack of support from your shoes. a pinched nerve or ligament strain or possible cyst. Please see your podiatrist for a definitive answer
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See a doctor

If there is no history of trauma you could have pressure on the nerve or tendon, simply from tying your shoes too tight
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ache, adult, ankle, asian, beautiful, beauty, business, care, career, cramp, diverse, diversity, dress, ethnic, fashion, fatigue, female, foot, footcare, girl, hand, health, heel, holding, lady, legs, massage, minority, oriental, pain, painful, people, person, pretty, professional, rest, rub, sexy, shoe, sitting, skin, skirt, smooth, sore, style, touching, woman, young Neuritis Feet Foot Foot pain Fracture Podiatry Foot and ankle conditions Foot and ankle injuries Foot Care

Can be so

Many different things. Try and reask and be more specific as right now can be tendonitits, neuritis, fracture, really anything.....

drop foot options?

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Dr. Tracy A. Berg
General Surgery
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arch,background,bite,correction,girl,head,health,iron,jaw,lips,medical,metal,mouth,nose,person,stomatologic,teenager,teeth,white Walking Safety Rehab Feet Foot Braces Footdrop Nerve Foot drop


Regardless of the cause of your foot drop, (and there are many causes), you can help yourself with bracing. Bracing is an important first step to increase your safety when walking. There are also newer spring loaded braces and nerve stimulators that can be very helpful for foot drop. Ask your doctor for a referral to a physiatrist, aka a rehab doctor. good luck

Foot Care

Do's And Don'ts

Get a good mirror and inspect bottom of feet on daily basis( diabetic foot)

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Dr. David Trettin
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What is drop foot?

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Dr. Robert Kent
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
alone,arch,arched,different,feet,foot,isolated,print,prints,rough,single,surface,texture,textured,unique,wet Feet Foot Footdrop

Where there is

nerve damage, most often to the peroneal nerve, sometimes to part of the sciatic nerve that will branch to become the peroneal nerve. There is then weakness to the dorsiflexors of the foot, which makes it difficult to keep your foot up in dorsiflexion.
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Rash on top of foot?

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Dr. Monib Zirvi
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 Contact dermatitis Dermatitis Eczema Feet Foot Fungal infection Infection Rash Skin rash

Need to see

The rash could be due to a contact dermatitis, eczema, fungal infection or another cause. See a physician to have it evaluated and treated.

What is trench foot?

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active, bare, beach, beautiful, blue, body, care, carefree, chiropody, energy, excellent, feet, female, fine, fit, footcare, fresh, girl, health, healthy, lady, legs, life, living, nice, ocean, parts, pedicure, recreation, relaxation, relay, resort, sea, slim, sporty, summer, tanned, toes, treat, treatment, vacation, water, waves, wellness, wet, woman Gangrene Numbness Feet Foot Trench foot Vascular


Caused by prolonged exposure of the feet to damp, unsanitary, and cold conditions. Affected feet may become numb, affected by erythrosis (turning red) or cyanosis (turning blue) as a result of poor vascular supply, and feet may begin to have a decaying odor due to the possibility of the early stages of gangrene. As the condition worsens, feet may also begin to swell and blister (jungle rot).

What's a foot ulcer?

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Foot Ulcer Feet Foot Infection Skin Tissue Ulceration Vascular

Open sore

where underlyng tissue below skin is exposed. Various causes, such as trauma, infection, vascular problems, excessive pressure on skin.
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Ulcers Diabetes Ulcer Systemic Feet Foot Ulceration Vascular

A wound

A foot ulcer can be associated with Diabetes, Vascular Disease. Trauma and many other systemic diseases.
Answered by:
Dr. Daniel C. Farber
Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgery
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An open sore

A foot ulcer is an open sore on the foot. This commonly occurs in diabetics because they have less sensation in the foot and may not feel minor injuries until they become an open sore or bigger problem.

Slow reflex in foot?

Answered by:
Dr. Ralph Morgan Lewis
Family Medicine
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 Feet Foot

Slow foot reflex

suggests possible nerve compression in lumbar or sacral spine, which could result from bulging/ruptured disc, bone spur compressing spinal cord or nerve root, or spinal stenosis. Suggest seeing orthopedic or neurosurgeon for evaluation, tests (including MRI), options for treatment. If U have foot drop or similar problems, do not delay. Sooner the treatment, less damage.
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