eye pressure from sinus infection

Eye and head pressure with sinus infection?

Answered by:
Dr. Chi-Wah R. Yung
 Eye Head Infection Sinus Sinusitis


All of our sinuses are connected. Sinus infection will increase the pressure within the sinus and some time causing discomfort and headache. Since the orbit is also surrounded by sinuses, some time you will feel like pressure behind the eye with sinus infection. Sinus infection however will not affect the pressure within the eye itself (intraocular pressure).
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Does a bad sinus infection cause eye pressure to rise?

Answered by:
Dr. William C. Becker
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No, it can feel like a "pressure sensation" behind or in your eye, but the actual pressure inside the eye is not affected by a sinus infection.
Answered by:
Dr. Matheson Harris
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Not usually

While the pressure in the sinuses can build and cause pain, this isn't transmitted to the eyes as they are separated by bone. Even when the bone rarely erodes and an orbital infection occurs, the pressure usually won't change until it becomes severe.
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Can you have a sinus infection without a stuffy, runny nose, cough or fever? Basically the only symptom being head/ face/ eye pressure

Answered by:
Dr. Marc Kayem
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
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Yes. Some people can even have sinusitis with no symptoms, when this is found incidentally on another exam. However, for most people, facial pain and pressure are the most common symptom. Nasal blocakge is also a common complaint. Green runny nose is often present, but not always. Cough and fever are usually not associated with sinus infection, unless there is a cold associated as well.
Answered by:
Dr. Imtiaz A. Chaudhry
Facial Plastic Surgery
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Yes it is possible

Yes, one can have symptoms of sinusitis without having cold like symptoms. I have treated patients for sinusitis after they have presented to me for periocular, forhead and sometimes even unusual complaints. I use CT-scan if I am suspecting sinusitis even if they have been treated for presumed inflammation. These patients may present with pressure around the eyes and even unusual headaches.
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Headaches & Migraine

Interesting Fact

Some people who believe they are having recurrent sinus infections may in fact be having migraines!

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Dr. William K. Harris
Family Medicine
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Have had a sinus infection. Now have severe pain behind eye,above eye and temple. pressure in the eye, the eye is push out a bit. what is going on?

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Orbital cellulitis

One of the complications of sinus infection is orbital cellulitis. Orbital cellulitis results in eye ball protrusion, pain on eye movements, limited eye movements. It is important that you seek medical care right away. CT scan differentialtes periorbital versus orbital cellulitis. It requires management with systemic antibiootic.
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Have facial pressure on left side of nose and in my head round by my eye, nasal congestion and post nasal drip. It is not a sinus infection.any ideas?

Answered by:
Dr. Alen N. Cohen
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
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Likely a sinus issue

These symptoms do sound like a sinus inflammation. The fact that it's unilateral deserves an evaluation by an ENT. Allergies or a sinus infection are possibilities, although both of these would usually give bilateral symptoms. May have a polyp etc on one side. I would take over the counter Claritin daily and go see an ENT specialist if it does not resolve after 3 to 5 days.


Interesting Fact

Clear nasal drainage does not mean that there is no sinus infection present.

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Dr. Michael P Vaughn
Allergy and Immunology

Sharp stabing pain over left eye with sinus infection and sinus pressure. Only lasted a few min never had this pain with previous sinus infections.?

Answered by:
Dr. Jeffrey D. Pollard
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
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Frontal Sinus

The frontal sinus lives just above the nose and can extend out over the eye. Pressure changes in the frontal sinus and infection can cause discomfort in this region of the forehead. Persistant discomfort or swelling and tenderness of the skin in this area or any visual changes (double vision) would require urgent/emergent evaluation. Sinus infections often require Abx. Hope this helps!
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I have a sinus infection with a sharp pain over left eye, it felt different from normal sinus pressure, it only lasted a few minutes. Is this normal?

Answered by:
Dr. Jay C. Bradley
LASIK Surgery
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Sinus pain

Your description could be consistent with sinus related pressure/ pain. Pain occurs as pressure builds up in his sinuses and could come and go if the pressure is fluctuating. If it does not resolve or gets worse, you should go see your regular doctor.
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Band of pressure around eyes. Is that just headache or a sign of sinus infection?

Answered by:
Dr. John Jarstad
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Yes Could be either

Because the nasal sinuses surround the boney orbit that form the eye "socket" a sinus infection can cause tremendous pressure that may manifest this way. Other eye conditions such as glaucoma may also present initially as a band of pressure around the eyes or above the eye brow. I suggest you see an ophthalmologist and then an ENT doctor as soon as possible.
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Sinus infection on levaquin now my eyes blood shot, headache,pressure,sore throat! I don't smoke ! Is this ok or should I go to the er?

Answered by:
Dr. Paul Grin
Pain Management
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Urgent Care or ER

I am suggesting to visit the Urgent Care or ER for further investigation and treatment. Better safe then sorry.
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My wife suddenly felt pressure behind her eyes like a sinus infection and het vision went blurry. Doctor we saw had no ideas what it could be?

Answered by:
Dr. David Malitz
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Need MD evaluation

Can be a number of things. 1) Allergies are bad this year and this could be sinusitis, abscess (fever?). The eye is surrounded by sinuses 2) Glaucoma can cause pressure sensation 3) Has her weight changed dramatically recently? With Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension or Pseudotumor of the Orbit, visual obscurations can occur. 4) Postural? Both Eyes? can be a Varix, cyst, lymphatic, aneurys
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