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Vertical scar line on belly after emergency csection. Why did they do that?

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Dr. Farhad Sigari
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
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If it was an emergency C-section then all thoughts and procedures are done to EMERGENTLY deliver the baby via an incision in the abdomen. Cosmetic outcome is not a concern in those situations. Vertical Incisions are the quickest way to gain access to the abdomen as opposed to the horizontal incision. Similar incisions are used for trauma cases (gunshot wound ). Glad you and the baby are ok!

Gave birth on3rdDecember pushed for anhour I had a emergency CSection.bowels took a while to work then went5timesday suffering large piles what helps?

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Dr. Marguerite Barnett
Plastic Surgery
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Sitz baths

You can decrease the swelling and pain by frequent hot sitz baths and by using stools softeners and fiber to treat the constipation that triggered this problem. Also be sure to stay hydrated and try not to push when defecating. Sometimes wiping with a moistened cloth instead of rough toilet paper and in really extreme cases, try an OTC remedy such as anusol HC for a limited time.
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Do's And Don'ts

Upon arrival, check the local emergency number. Not all communities use 911.

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Dr. David J. Rosenfeld
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Am i fertile after emergency c section delivery ?

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Dr. Seth G. Derman
Fertility Medicine
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It is unusual for c-sections, emergency or otherwise to cause infertility. On occasion, they can cause scar tissue that results in infertility.
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How safe is emergency c section at safe 31 weeks?

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Dr. Robert K. Killian
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The answer does not in any way matter. Emergency is emergency. That means there is no debate or discussion. It had to happen. Not sure why this is not obvious.
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Do's And Don'ts

Take an aspirin and get to the emergency room immediately.

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In case of an emergency c section, do i have the right to choose my anesthesia?

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Dr. Mark W. Gujer
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Great question

It depends on the true nature of the emergency. If you already have an epidural in place that is working well it can often be used during an emergency. However when time is of the essence, and the baby or mom are at risk, general anesthesia is the fastest way to get a distressed baby out and cared for. Please rely on the expertise of your obstetrician and Anesthesiologist to make the best choice.

Should I have ultrasound scan before emergency c section due to bleeding? If so why?

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Dr. Jeff M. Livingston
Obstetrics and Gynecology
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If you are having an EMERGENCY c section then that means something is very wrong. It would be wrong to stop and take the time to do an ultrasound. An emergency c section means that the surgery needs to be done immediately to save the life of the mom and baby.
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Iv had 2 kids and am 33 weeks first one was emergency c section and second was reg c section whats the chance of goin into labor for number 3??

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You'll definitely...

...go into labor at some point if no c/s is done first; but VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) is less safe than a planned c/s so that's what will be offered.
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had emergency C section after to much patoeson,made the babys heart stop a couple times,am i at high risk with a second child,b/c of the patoeson?

Answered by:
Dr. Sarosh Batlivala
Pediatric Cardiology
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Pitocin is a normally occurring hormone in pregnancy. It is known to cause contractions and so gynecologists use it to induce labor. It will not alter your risk of birth defects with future children.
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Why is my stomach still hard and round after 6 months of and emergency c section I look pregnant still bc I'm so little it's no flab or Extra skin?

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Dr. Lara Devgan
Plastic Surgery
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Rectus diastasis?

You may have a rectus diastasis, or separation of the abdominal muscles. If this is the case, it requires surgical correction, and this can be done at the same time as an abdominoplasty. Best to see your plastic surgeon for more information
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