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Discharge (Definition)

Discharge can be a noun or a verb; it has multiple meanings in physics, chemistry, military, and legal usage. The most common medical meaning is a substance that is being excreted. Examples: pus is the discharge from a pimple; a vaginal discharge can mean infection; an ear discharge can mean an infection of the outer ear tract; a nasal discharge ...Read more


Is everyday creamy cervical fluid after ovulation a pregnancy sign ?

Is everyday creamy cervical fluid after ovulation a pregnancy sign ?

No, it's not but it: Suggests that u r fertile and have a greater chance of conceiving. Best of luck! ...Read more

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I have notice snot like CM (a strand) for about 6 days after ovulation. Could this be an early sign or pregnancy

No: Progesterone production begins in your ovary when you ovulate. This hormone causes cervical mucous to thicken, appear cloudier and be less "stretchy". I suspect this is what you are noticing. Its normal. It doesn't mean you haven't conceived. If your late for menses, check a home pregnancy test. ...Read more


Is everyday creamy cervical mucus after ovulation a pregnancy sign ?

No: During and after ovulation the quality of the cervical mucus changes. The cervical mucus becomes thinner and more stringy, allowing easier penetration of the sperm. Any symptoms/signs during ovulation do not indicate a pregnancy. ...Read more

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Pregnancy (Definition)

If you're pregnant or planning to get pregnant, there are many things you can do to give your baby a healthy start: Regular prenatal visits along with laboratory testing, ultrasounds, prenatal vitamins and immunizations (like the flu shot and whopping cough booster). Now's the time to eat healthy, stay hydrated, and ...Read more

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Ovulation (Definition)

Ovulation is the act of the ovary releasing the egg after it has been hormonally prepared, to be ...Read more