Doctor insights on: Can You Get Pregnant From A Toilet Seat

Dr. Thomas Fiala
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Pregnancy (Definition)

If you're pregnant or planning to get pregnant, there are many things you can do to give your baby a healthy start: Regular prenatal visits along with laboratory testing, ultrasounds, prenatal vitamins and immunizations (like the flu shot and whopping cough booster). Now's the time to eat healthy, stay hydrated, and ...Read more


Possible to get pregnant from semen on the toilet seat?

NO: Maintaining good hygiene is important , to avoid infections especially bacterial infections , why do you sit on a unclean toilet seat ? Avoid it in future and don't forget to wash your hands. ...Read more

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Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant from sitting in semen on a toilet seat after its been wiped off?

I think it may: Be possible, but probably less likely than winning the powerball lottery. Not something i would want you to worry about or lose sleep from. ...Read more