can vitamin d make you tired

Can low vitamin d levels in your body cause fatigue or tiredness?

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Dr. Kenneth Merriman
Orthopedic Surgery
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most definitely
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How do you know if your severe fatigue is from endometriosis ? Also what else can be checked besides vitamin d hemoglobin iron for tiredness

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Probably not related

Endometriosis, while it can really cause a lot of pain over many years does not in and of itself cause fatigue. Certainly the pain can wear one down but again, it does not directly cause fatigue. The workup for fatigue includes blood work to check the function of almost all the different organs and glands in the body - kidney, liver, blood cells, thyroid (TSH) to name the basics.

Is it my hyper mobility or is it my vitamin d deficiency that causes extreme tiredness and hunger from time to time.

Answered by:
Dr. Oscar Novick
 Appetite Calcitriol Vitamin D Vitamin D deficiency


Your hypermobility and hunger attacks may be due to hyperthyroidism Get checked out by your doctor
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Vitamin D

Interesting Fact

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are sometimes vague and can include tiredness and general aches.

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My friend is always tired and he gets fatigue easily. Can he be having chronic fatigue? Will vitamin D supplement help his condition?

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Dr. Randy S. Baker
Holistic Medicine
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Should see a doctor

There are many possible causes of chronic fatigue- many type of infections (bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic), anemia, nutrient deficiencies, toxic exposures, thyroid & other hormonal problems, sleep disorders, heart disease, cancer, stress, depression etc.To effectively treat you need to determine the cause! See a good doctor,preferably one with a holistic perspective,for thorough evaluation.
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My vitamin d tested @30. Can this cause muscle fatigue? Started 5000iu of vit. D, how long before feel affects?

Answered by:
Dr. Michael Umanoff
Pain Management

Vitamin D Level

Muscle fatigue among a host of other health related issues, may occur with low D levels. Keep in mind that Vitamin D should be in an oil base when taken. Also be aware that you only absorb ~35% of an oral dose. Most efficient route is sub-lingual.
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Vitamin D


Replenish Vitamin D; Address adrenal fatigue; Gentle exercise.

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Dr. Lisa Hogan
General Surgery
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Can vitamin d deficiency cause fatigue or depression/anxiety? I am especially concerned with the fatigue. My blood level was a 10.

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Yes, it could

Yes, vitamin D deficiency could cause fatigue and depression. Talk with your doctor about replenishing this. With your very low level, you may need high dosing with it temporarily, and then back off to a maintenance dose. Please be aware that it's also possible to have multiple conditions at once, all of which need treatment (depression, anxiety , AND Vit D deficiency, etc).
Answered by:
Dr. Milton E. Alvis Jr
Preventive Medicine
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Yes, & many other

possibilities. ↓D3, Calcitriol, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, long assoc. with Ca+2 absorption & bone strength. More recently with ↓heart muscle strength, ↑susceptibility to infections, ↑depression, etc. At the same time, we are complex mind-over-matter creatures, issues complex, lots of unknowns, optimal level unknown, esp. at single individual level. Suggest supplement D3 to > 40 & check other issue
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What can cause low vitamin d , high sed rate positve Ana daily headaches fatigue joint pain slight vision chance and loss of balance?

Answered by:
Dr. Edward W. Hellman
Orthopedic Surgery
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Autoimmune ANA Autoimmune Calcitriol Headache Joint pain Joints Lethargy Loss of balance Pain Prognosis Rheumatology Sedimentation rate Systemic lupus erythematosus Vision Vitamin D

Make diagnosis

Those are a lot of things and they may or may not all be connected. Certainly with an elevated sed rate and a positiveANA test are concerning for an autoimmune condition, such as lupus, would be a concern. I would encourage you to continue work up with a rheumatologist and ultimately the single or multiple diagnosis made will aid in treatment and prognosis discussions. Thank you.
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I have PBC, overlap of autoimmune hepatitis, current Vitamin D level is low (on 50,000 iu/week). Can I do anything to relieve the chronic fatigue?

Answered by:
Dr. Pavel Conovalciuc
Family Medicine
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Fatigue with PBC

I truly sympathize with you, as I have patients with the same complaint. You should work with your gastroenterologist as I see no medication that is used for PBC. There is no cure at this time, but there are some medications that can be tried, probably not to necessarily make it better, but, at least, to prevent the speed of the worsening.

Can prolonged moderate to severe vitamin D deficiency be associated with extreme fatigue, tingling/needling sensations in feet, weakness & body ache?

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I believe yes

There is a host of other problems with vidtamin d def as well. Get supplemented under care of doc as you need to check for corrective levels thru bloodwork.
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Could 11 ng/ml vitamin d be the reason i feel sick? bone aches, fatigue, depression tired. Shoulder hurt all day today. had cbc and vitamin d was bad

Answered by:
Dr. Carla V. Enriquez
Adolescent Medicine
 Aches Fatigue Bone Bones Calcitriol CBC Complete blood count Depression Gastroenterology Lethargy Pain Poor nutrition Shoulder Skin Sun exposure UVB Vitamin D Vitamin deficiency


Vit D deficiency has been linked to your symptoms, but deficiency is known to have no obvious symptoms. Best way to find out is to take robust doses of Vit D & get sufficient sun exposure. You're in a northern latitude, you need longer exposure to sun (UVB rays) & more exposed skin. If doing this doesn't relieve symptoms but levels normalize, something else is wrong. If cant normalize GI ? problem
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