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What is the best diet for afterbirth mother?

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Dr. Fred Harvey
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 Baby Brain Breast Cerebrum Diet Feeding Fish Oil Placenta Protein Women


The variety of foods on the med diet is critical to promote optimal human health. When breast feeding the demands for protein and fats are high. 5-7 servings of vegetables and 2-3 servings of fruit are the foundation of the diet. Add 20 grams of protein to the basic requirement of 45 grams daily for the average woman. Get 3 grams of EPA/DHA omega 3 fish oil for baby's brain development.
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what is the best diet?

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food Weight Diet Alcohol Gaining weight Calorie

Balanced diet

A diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low in saturated fats is generally a good choice. You will need to limit calories to avoid gaining weight. Do not use tobacco and avoid alcohol. Diet needs to be tailored to an individual and you may wish to consult a nutritionist.
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best diet for diabetis?

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Low carbohydrates

Low in carbohydrates (concentrated sugars) and moderation
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Low Carb Diet

Interesting Fact

Myth: Low carb diets can cause liver or kidney damage because of increase protein consumption .

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Whats the best diet?

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 Weight Exercise Diet


There is no best diet. No restrictive plan ever works long term. A "diet" usually means that the patient is going to go off of the "diet" when they have lost the weight. Guess what happens then?? You go back to the foods you gave up...and you gain the weight back. Most patients then feel like failures, and it's not their fault!! Reducing food portions, exercise, support for change will help.
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What the best diet?

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Dr. Robert M. Keller
Emergency Medicine
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It's a numbers game and a genetics thing. Overall the Ornish or zone Diet. But you need to know how many calories you burn everyday and how many u consume. You want to burn more than you eat. However, some people won't lose wt bec of hormone imbalances or lack of muscles. Diet alone will not work you must exercise and wt train.
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Vegan Diet

Do's And Don'ts

East India Recipes have some of the best Vegetarian diet, Please read Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's book

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Dr. Ravi Chand

whats the best diet for crohns and pcos?

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Dr. Charles J. Cattano

Answer for Crohn's

Diet for Crohn's largely depends on what part of the gut is affected, how active the disease may be, & has the gut been surgically altered (e.g. "short gut"). When actively inflamed, many patients experience problems with lactose, gut stimulants (like caffeine), & a lot of dietary fats or fiber. Consideration should be given to appropriate vitamin & mineral supplements, esp. if ileum is involved.

What is the best human eyesight 20/?

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Dr. Beth R. Friedland
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 Vision Eye sight


20/20 is normal average vision but patients can see 20/15 or even 20/10 which are letters 1/2 the size of 20/20 letters.
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What's the best diebetic diet?

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Dr. Dan E. Fisher
Internal Medicine
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Eat healthy.

In general a low calorie carbohydrate restricted diet. See the American Diabetic Association Diet at
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What is the best diet for high calestrol patients?

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Dr. Michael Rothman
Internal Medicine
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Avoid toxic foods

Avoid sugars, fried foods, vegatable oils like canola & soy, meats that are cured wth nitrates & nitrites, aspartame, splenda, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, maragarine, soy based products, sweetened beverages like juice & soda, microwaved foods, artificial colors & flavors. All of these products cause damage to the cells, tissues & organs in your body contributing to various diseases.
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What is the best hgc diet?

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Dr. Harold Fields
Family Medicine
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HCG diet

The best is 500 cal per day split between lunch and dinner with approx 80 gm of protein , a furor and the balance made up of vegetables. ,but I would suggest that the best way to do this diet is under the supervision of a physician who is proficient at it
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