benadryl and diabetes

Wut is Benadryl use for?

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Unisome Allergies Benadryl Diphenhydramine Hypersensitivity Itch Itching


Benadryl is trypically used for allergies or an anti itch medicine.
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Side effects of benadryl?

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Dr. Peter J. Kurzweil
Internal Medicine
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Diphenhydramine Drowsiness Benadryl Diphenhydramine Urination Urine Difficulty urinating Side effects of benadryl Antihistamine

Dried up and sleepy

why would you want to take benadry (the brand name for diphenhydramine) long term? fagetaboutit. side effects are drying of mucous membrane, drowsiness, fatigue, difficulty urinating...

What is Benadryl used for?

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adult, allergy, antihistamine, apply, atropine, attractive, beautiful, bottle, care, cheerful, closeout, closeup, cure, drip, drops, drug, dry, eye, eyeball, eyedroppers, eyelashes, eyesight, face, female, fluid, girl, hand, happy, heal, health, healthy, irritation, lifestyle, liquid, medical, medicament, medicine, moisturize, oculist, people, person, pipette, portrait, saline, tears, therapy, vision, wellness, woman, young Rhinitis Motion sickness Benadryl NaSal Rash Antihistamine Nose Diphenhydramine

See below

Benadryl is an antihistamine. It is normally used to help with allergy symptoms, sneezing, and runny nose. It can also help with itchy rashes. Also, it is occasionally used for motion sickness.
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Diabetes Type 2

Do's And Don'ts

Regular exercise and avoiding becoming overweight help prevent Type II diabetes.

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Dr. Geoffrey W. Rutledge
Internal Medicine
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Is claritin like benadryl?

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Dr. Stuart Kanter
Family Medicine
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Both are antihistamines. They exert similar physiologic effects.
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Does benadryl help nausea?

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addiction antibiotic antioxidant aspirin bottle capsule care chemistry closeup colorful concept cure disease drug emotion emotional happiness happy health healthcare healthy heartache ill illness isolated loneliness medical medication medicinal medicine mental pain pharmacy pill pink prescription psychiatric psychology science sick sickness supplement tablets treatment virus vitamin Benadryl Diphenhydramine Nausea


Benadryl is an anti-histamine and would not relieve nausea.
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Diabetes Type 1

Do's And Don'ts

There's no way to prevent Type1 diabetes. Control your sugar levels by eating well and exercising.

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Dr. Barbara Lavi
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Expired benadryl ok to use?

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Dr. Yash K. Khanna
Family Medicine
allergic, allergy, antihistamine, bronchodilator, caplet, cell, clear, cold, congestion, cure, decongestant, dose, egg, ephedra, fever, flu, gel, gelatinous, handkerchief, histamine, influenza, jelly, lozenge, medication, medicine, mucous, nasal, pharma, pill, psuedoephedrine, relief, relieve, remedy, runny-nose, sneeze, sniffle, stuffy, sudafed, tablet, tissue, viral, virus Benadryl Diphenhydramine

We can not recommend

We can not recommend taking expired Benadryl
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Is benadryl good for sinus?

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Only in the

sense that it could help dry up secretions, or decrease an allergic component of nasal congestion

Is loratadine like benadryl?

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Dr. Donald W. Alves
Emergency Medicine
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Non sedating antihistamine Antihistamine Benadryl Diphenhydramine Loratadine Non sedating antihistamine Sedating antihistamine Pharmacotherapy Health education Allergies

Kinda mostly

Loratadine is a 'non-sedating antihistamine,' and diphenhydramine (/Benadryl) is a sedating antihistamine (aka: older / H1 & H2 blocker), so yes, they are close cousins in intended effects--just differ in side effects.

Can benadryl be cut in half?

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Dr. William Singer
Pediatric Neurology
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Cutting benedryl

Benedryl comes in tablets and liquid in addition to capsules.. The dose can be reduced in half using the tablet or liquid.
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Will Benadryl help pink eye?

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Dr. Mark Kuhnke
General Surgery
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allergy, baby, black, blowing, boys, cheek, child, circle, cold and flu, cold temperature, color image, condition, conjunctiva, conjunctivitis, eyeball, eyelash, eyesight, fever, field, flower, flu, handkerchief, horizontal, human eye, human hand, human nose, illness, nature, outdoors, photography, pollen, portrait, preschool age, preschool student, red, ring, sadness, sneezing, spring, summer, tear, tissue, unwell, water  Benadryl Conjunctivitis Diphenhydramine Eye Eye health Infection Itch Itching Pink eye


If there's some itching associated with the eye infection, Benadryl may relieve that a bit, but it won't directly improve the underlying problem. Good luck.
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