beets and poop color

What color poop is normal?

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Dr. Robert Kwok
Blood vessels; circulatory system; pulmonary artery; pulmonary vein; heart; aorta; vena cava; artery; vein Baby Children Bile Blood Bowel movement Gray Feces

Yellow, brown, green

Poop can be a blend of yellow, brown, and green colors. Babies older than a week usually have yellowish poops. Older kids tend to have brownish poops. Worrisome colors are red (blood), black (old blood), or grey/white (lacking in bile). A doctor should evaluate a child, if his or her poop is a worrisome color.
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I been pooping the color grey, why?

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Dr. Diane M. Minich
Family Medicine
biliary system; common bile duct Biliary Bowel movement Gray Liver

See your doctor asap

Possibly a problem with the liver or biliary system
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What does different color poop mean?

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Dr. Donald Colantino
Internal Medicine
Receptacle for human feces and urine that is usually equipped with a flushing system to carry waste to the sewer Bowel movement Feces


The color of stool depends on various factors including what you eat,transit time through the intestines,amount of bile secreted into the intestines,presence of blood products,amount of undigested fats in the feces,etc.
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Infant Health

Do's And Don'ts

Don't get too worried if your baby doesn't poop every day if he/she is otherwise healthy.

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What color should a 4 month old's poop be?

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Dr. Keith Ramsey
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; stools; feces Bowel movement Diet Feces


Normal stools are yellow, green, brown or variations of those. They can also change based on diet and illness.
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Why do my poop change color during the day?

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Dr. Brett Kalmowitz
outhouse Body Bacteria Enzyme Feces Bowel movement


color of stool will be determined by what you eat, the digestive enzymes in your body and the bacteria in your body. It is normal for there to be a variation in the color of your stools. If your stools turn bloody, jet black (like tar) or pale white (like chalk) you need to talk to your doctor
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Do not wear bear bells! In Alaska bear bells are found in some bear poop. :)

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What color should a 3 yr old poop look like?

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Dr. Arti Jain

Like adults

The bowel movements of a 3 year old should look like those of an adult if they are eating regular foods. If they are of different color or texture or associated with any other symptoms, they need to be evaluated by their doctor.
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I'm wondering why was my poop a blue dark green color?

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Dr. Ryan Phasouk
Family Medicine
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Color change

The stool can go through color changes on a daily basis, mainly dependent on the foods that you eat. If the stool color is consistently an abnormal color, independent of your diet, then follow with a doctor for further evaluation. It could be the sign of a malabsorption issue.
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What's the color of cystic fibrosis poop/stool in toddler?

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Dr. Lokesh Guglani
Pediatric Pulmonology
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Should be normal

For someone with Cystic fibrosis who has known pancreatic insufficiency, treatment with pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy should lead to normalization of stool consistency & frequency. For untreated patients, CF related malabsorption causes bulky, frothy, oily, exceptionally foul smelling stools that are more frequent and loose/watery (diarrhea-like). There is no characteristic color in CF pts

What does it mean when your poop is like a dark tar color?

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most commonly, you had too much coffee or red wine. But it can also be a sign of internal bleeding. So if the stool is still dark, you need to get checked.
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Why is my poop blue? It was a rich color of blue/blue-green?

Answered by:
Dr. Robert K. Killian
General Practice
Feces Bowel movement Feces Gastroenterology

Blue Stool

This is in now way normal. It is most likely a reaction to something you ate. If you have any other symptoms and this persists I would get to a Gastroenterologist.
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