arithmetic heart beat

Irregular heart beat?

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Dr. Marc F. Hirsch
Family Medicine
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Possibly extra beats

A simple electrocardiogram might help ease your mind. The most common cause is benign extra beats. Theoretically it could be something else, but this is one of the best uses for an EKG.
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Is 108 a good heart beat?

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Dr. Marsha F. Davis
Internal Medicine
xray of heart and chest Cardiac Heart

Need info

108 is too high resting for an adult, fine exercising but can be normal for children.
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Rapid heart beat at rest. Why?

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Dr. Jorge Cheirif
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Many reasons

there can be multiple reasons, including overactive thyroid, anemia, fever, dehydration, pain, abnormal heart function

Heart failure

Interesting Fact

Your heart beats ~100,000 times a day, pumping 2,000 gallons of blood to the body

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Dr. Charles A. Anderson
Thoracic Surgery
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My heart beat fast in my neck?

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Heart Diagram Artery Carotid arteries Neck Cardiac Heart


you are probably just feeling the heart beat being transmitted to your carotid artery in your neck.
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What is a by Gemini heart beat?

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Bigeminy is when the heart rhythm repeats in groups of two beats. This may be normal beat +atrial premature or normal beat plus ventricular premature(or other two beat combo's); it can be seen in normal folks and in people with cardiac abnormalities; discuss with your Dr.
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Heart attack

Interesting Fact

Fish oil, overall, has NOT decreased the risk of heart attack.

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Dr. Lori W. Wagner
Internal Medicine

what can cause fast heart beat?

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Dr. Rick Koch
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Many things

Benign things like dehydration or more serious causes....please discuss with your physician
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What can a slow heart beat mean?

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heart Heart Cardiac

Cardio fitness

in a young person, a slow heart usually means a healthy and fit heart. The important question is -- are you feeling well? if not, please see your doctor ASAP
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Is a heart beat of 128 bpm high?

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It's high but not necessarily abnormal. It depends on the context.
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Can LASIK cause rapid heart beat?

Answered by:
Dr. Tim Conrad
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LASIK cannot cause this.
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Why sometimes my heart beat fast?

Answered by:
Dr. Troy Reyna
Pediatric Surgery
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Variety of issues

Could be anxiety and or stress.
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