anemia cause a high sed rate

Besides IBD what can cause bellyaches, high sed rate and anemia? Not constipated but sometimes blood in stool

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Dr. Ronald Krauser
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The list is too long to even begin to mention all of the possibilities. If you already have IBD then that is a much more likely cause than any other. You need to discuss your problems with your gastroenterologist.

A positive Ana test, vitamin d deficient, anemia, body aches, and high sed rate. Could all of these symptoms be caused from celiac?

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Dr. Michio Abe
Internal Medicine
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Celiac disease can cause vitamin D deficiency and anemia, but it's not associated with a positive ANA test. Most patients with Celiac have a normal sed rate. Vitamin D deficiency is often associated with myalgia. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease, and having one autoimmune disease increases your chances of having another one, such as lupus, which can explain your posiitve ANA and body aches.

I have anemia, vitamin d deficient, positive Ana test, high sed rate, body aches, complement component c3c is 220, c4c is 51, c-reactive is .97Explain?

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More than one issue

You did not state your age or gender and it is difficult to tie all the findings together without a physical examination. Vitamin D is the easiest to deal with, about 1/3 of the population has low Vit D levels, and you can correct that with an over the counter supplement. Rest of the finding suggest and autoimmune process, but you need to consult a physician for a thorough evaluation.
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Nail Health

Do's And Don'ts

Maintain a source of iron intake as Iron deficiency anemia can result in scalloped nails.

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Dr. Zahid Niazi
Cosmetic Surgery
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Women's health

Do's And Don'ts

Eating enough iron in your diet helps prevent anemia.

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Dr. Harold Peltan
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Had an issue with swelling on one side of my body.all bloodwork normal except two tests showed i'm anemic and my sed rate was 3x the normal rate.tired?

Answered by:
Dr. Randy M. Stevens
General Surgery
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More work up

You are 22 years old. Female. You note body swelling on 1/2. Sed rate elevated and you have weakness or tired. You may need more work up. The sed rate is non specific. If you do not feel better ask your doctor to do a Lyme titer and CBC. For your own homework talk to parents see if any new bites this summer, did you have rashes etc. Hope you feel better.
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What effect does iron deficiency anemia have on the sedimentation rate?

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 Anemia Iron Iron blood level Iron deficiency anemia Iron poor blood Low blood count Sedimentation rate

not directly

not directly, but cause of the iron deficiency might

Could sinusitis cause elevated sed rate?

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Dr. Ronald Krauser
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Any significant inflammation or infection can raise the sed rate.

Can periodontal infection cause elevated sed rate?

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Infection Dentistry ESR Infection Inflammation of the gums Sedimentation rate Teeth

Depending on the

Severity / Extent and duration of the periodontal disease / infection it would seem possible to have an elevated ESR. Best to be evaluated by a dentist to rule out dental / periodontal etiology. Hope this helps.
Answered by:
Dr. Meng K. Syn
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There are several peer review studies out that show a direct correlation between severity of periodontal disease and SED rate. SED is a pretty non specific indicator of a disease process and many inflammatory processes in the body effect SED. There also have been studies that have shown that SED rate decreased with extraction of abscessed teeth. See your dentist to asses your oral health.

Does a febrile illness cause elevated cpk level and sed rate?

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It should not

Febrile illnesses by themselves should not elevate CPK and usually will not elevate a sed rate( at least not signifcantly). Certainly certain diseases and illnesses can but usually not with the common viruses etc.
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