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what should my heart rate be at my age?

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 Cardiac Exercise Heart Heart rate

Heart rate

Resting heart rate for a normal adult is 60-80bpm, with exercise we target heart rate to age and phsyical status.
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Need help. Is 68bpm a healthy heart rate for an age 16 female?

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Dr. Rodney Del Valle
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Yes. Stay in shape exercising and eating healthy. Do not smoke, will be the worse habit for your future health. Health wise, today is the time to be healthy the rest of your life.
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Is there a heart rate calculator where you can wnter weight and age?

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Dr. Hamid A. Hai
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There are standard tables for Men and Women, indicating the expected maximum heart rates at different ages, that would occur on exercise. You can easily find them on line. Weight is not a factor because different people can have different weights and get the same maximum heart rate on execise.
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Heart attack

What To Ask Your Doc

What is a good exercise heart rate range for me? When should I "slow down?" How often?

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Dr. William G. Carlos
Critical Care

What is should be the normal heart rate for a child age 4 with WPW syndrome?

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Range from 80-120

Normal heart rates for Preschooler - 100 beats/min (can range from 80 to 120 beats/min) If the child goes into an SVT a fast arrhythmia then the heart rate will be significantly higher

Heart failure

Interesting Fact

HF can be produced by too fast or too slow a heart rate, bad valves, bad contraction or relaxation.

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Dr. Dan E. Fisher
Internal Medicine
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What is the maximum heart rate if had a stoke and stent fitted for my age 60?

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Assuming no other conditions, you'd be safe at 120.
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I'm 41yrs of age and my heart rate is at 55. Is this something to be worried about?

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Dr. Charles Talakkottur
Internal Medicine
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if you are an athletic individual it may be that your heart rate has adjusted based on how healthy your heart muscle is. if this is not the case, you would need to see your doctor and have them consider something called a holter monitor which measures your heart rate and rhythm over a period of at least 24 hours. it would also be important to know if you have any symptoms with this low heart rat

I am 20 wks 6 days pregnant. My fetal heart rate is 152bpm. Is this normal at this gestational age?

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Dr. Jeff M. Livingston
Obstetrics and Gynecology
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Yes that is normal
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What is acceptable heart rate range while walking and while exercising? Does 220-age formula really work?

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Dr. Gregory P. Harvey
Orthopedic Surgery
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Heart rate

Yes the formula is a rough idea of optimum heart rate for exercise. Make sure u are cleared by your doctor first before strenuous exercise if you have any cardiac problems
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What should i do for high tyroid hormone day by day my heart rate and bp became higher my bp is 160/90 my age 23?

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Dr. Alan Feldman
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It sounds like you have an overactive thyroid. You need to find out the cause. If you have Graves disease, your options for treatment include: taking antithyroid drugs (methimazole), taking radioactive iodine, or surgical removal of your thyroid. Most people in your age group will try the antithyroid drugs first.
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