25 percent heart function

Could someone with 25 percent heart function survive normally?

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Depending on the cause of the abnormal heart function and the treatment, including the patient taking care of themselves, a normal life length could be possible.
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For what length of time can you live with a heart function of 10 percent.?

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Heart failure

You refer to an ejection fraction of 10%. With modern treatment it is possible to live ten years or more though each case is different and much shorter survival is also possible.
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What r the chances at age 47 with a leaky heart value. heart at functioning at 45 percent. of a herart attack.

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Dr. Danny Korkmaz
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See your doc

A leaky valve and a weak heart muscle would not increase your risk of a heart attack unless they are severe. You should see your cardiologist to assess your risk of having a heart attack ( by taking your history and doing your exam, doing blood work and possibly a stress test...) but most of all find out the reason of your leaky valve and weak heart muscle at such an early age.
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Heart attack

Interesting Fact

What can you do to reduce your risk of having a heart attack? Lower your cholesterol level.

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a friend who has a leaky heart value. it has been noted that their heart is only functioning at 45 percent. what r chances for improving.

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Dr. Leroy Fleischer
Internal Medicine
 Cardiac Heart Valve Women

Little chance

Heart valve problems do not improve on their own, chances are that she will need a valve repair or replacement procedure in the future if things ger worse.
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Congestive Heart Failure I was diagnosed with CHF and a 80 percent block of the right coronary artery My ejection fraction is up to 55-60 from 25-30 I still get tired and short of breath Not getting answers from my doctor Could that be from the block Any

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That is great news that your ejection fraction (EF) has improved that much, as that is directly correlated with your overall long term prognosis. You clearly are still symptomatic though. If you find that your shortness of breath continues, it is certainly possible that the stenosis in your right coronary artery is the culprit, although without knowing more information it is hard to say definitively. My best advice to you is to find a physician that will answer your questions and communicate with you so that you may understand your care. Heart disease is complex and involves the interplay of many factors, and an excellent relationship with your cardiologist can be the most important one.

Heart attack

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Pain in the middle of the chest radiating to the left arm may not always occur during a heart attack

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Dr. Umesh Patel

What does it mean 80 percent use of heart pacer´╝č

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Dr. Ehsan Ansari
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See below

Your pacemaker is on demanand it paces your heart 80% of the time and the 20% of the time the heart is not paced.
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What does a heart failure mean with 30 percent working?

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 Blood Cardiac Ejection fraction Heart Heart failure

Heart disease

The EF is the ejection fraction or the percent of the volume of blood in the heart that is pumped with each beat. It is a measure of the ability of the heart to contract. It is normally 55 to 65 per cent. Abnormal hearts can have much lower ejection fractions. The lower the EF the weaker the heart
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My dad's heart is only working at 20 percent what does this mean ?

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If he was told his left ventricular ejection fraction is 20%, it means his heart's function is severely diminished. A normal ejection fraction is 50% or greater. However, modern medications can help improve ones ejection fraction and, even in cases wherein the ejection fraction does not improve, ones symptoms can be improved dramatically with medical therapy. A cardiologist can often solve this
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Please tell me, could my grandmother's heart functionality be okay with 28 percent?

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Dr. Andrew Zadeh

Yes and No

The ejection fraction (EF) is low, but this is one measure of cardiac function. Patients with depressed EFs are prone to increased complications in the future including heart failure and death in general. She will need medicines to prevent these problems, and on a day-to-day basis many patients can live functional lives at 28%. This is a life adjustment, but not a death sentence.
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I have a 35 percent injection right out of my heart since I had a heart attack is there anyway to rebuild that?

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Dr. Creighton B. Wright
General Surgery
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The damage is done and you can live well and long with 35% ejection fraction (Normal is 55-65) You can prevent further damage by good choices: Stop smoking Regular EXERCIZE AHA diet Weight to ideal for height= BMI
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