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A female asked:

can i get a breast lift at the same time as my breast reduction? my breasts are very saggy as well as being too large. can i get a breast reduction and a breast lift at the same time?

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Dr. Michael Edwards
Plastic Surgery 37 years experience
The : The techniques for breast lift and reduction are similar for the most part therefore you do get a breast lift with a reduction. Dr edwards.
Dr. Robert Brueck
Plastic Surgery 48 years experience
They : They go hand in hand.Alift is skin only and a breast reduction is skin and breast tissue so you would get both.www.beautybybrueck.com.
Dr. Leonard Grossman
Plastic Surgery 36 years experience
It : It is a common practice to lift the breast at the time of the reduction.\ good luck from nyc. For more info visit www.Drgrossman.Com.
Dr. Tom Pousti
Specializes in Plastic Surgery
Yes.: Breast reduction surgery “automatically” involves breast lifting; in other words, the breasts (as well as the nipple/areola complexes) are raised on the chest wall at the same time as the breasts are reduced in size. Breast reduction surgery, for many reasons, tends to be one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.
Dr. Matthew Schulman
Plastic Surgery 21 years experience
Yes: A breast lift is part of a breast reduction.
Dr. Barry Cohen
Plastic Surgery 34 years experience
Almost all reduction: Reductions include lifts!
Dr. John Mancoll
Plastic Surgery 30 years experience
Breast reductions is a operation designed to reduce the size of a woman's breast to make her more comfortable. But one of the added benefits is that we typically lift the breast at the same time. So the operations are v ry similar. However a breast lift will always be considered a cosmetic operation, while a breast reduction is usually covered by insurance.
Feb 28, 2015

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A member asked:

Is it possible to breastfeed exclusively after feeding my child a mix of breast milk and formula?

2 doctor answers2 doctors weighed in
Dr. Sharon Gilliland
Pediatrics 36 years experience
Yes: If you pump frequently enough and are able to increase your milk supply to an amount sufficient to allow normal weight gain in the baby, you can gradually change from a mix of breast milk and formula to exclusive breastfeeding.
A member asked:

Does the same virus that causes genital herpes cause cold sores?

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Dr. Kevin Windisch
Pediatrics 25 years experience
Yes: Herpes viruses come in two flavors- HSV i and HSV ii. Either virus can occur on the lips or in the genitalia.
A 35-year-old member asked:

Is it normal to experience breast changes early in pregnancy?

2 doctor answers16 doctors weighed in
Dr. Pam Yoder
Specializes in Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Yes: Some early signs of pregnancy include feelings of breast tenderness or fullness, enlargement and prominence of the glands of the areola, sometimes slight darkening of the area around the nipple.
A member asked:

If my breast has a painful lump, and im nursing, is it a clogged milk duct?

2 doctor answers4 doctors weighed in
Dr. Pamela Lindor
Pediatrics 32 years experience
Could be: If you have pain, swelling, redness or a new lump, always consult your gyn or primary care doctor. This could be a clogged duct, and may lead to infection. Your doctor can advise you.
A 33-year-old member asked:

How long after breast surgery with implants will I be in pain for?

5 doctor answers8 doctors weighed in
Dr. Hashim Alani
Specializes in Plastic Surgery
Pain: Variable; i put the implant under the muscle which may have more pain than under the breast only. Either way it will not be very painful after 2-3 weeks.

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