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Dr. Calvin Weisberger
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What is Zocor (simvastatin)?

In brief: Zocor (simvastatin)
Zocor is simvastatin a lipid control drug

Dr. Heidi Fowler
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What is the generic form of Zocor (simvastatin)?

In brief: Simvastatin
Zocor =simvastatin

Dr. Alan Ali
9 doctors responded
Could zocor (simvastatin) cause an elevated liver?

In brief: Zocor (simvastatin) & liver
Liver enzymes can be elevated, but rarely. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. Liviu Klein
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Could zocor (simvastatin) cause night leg cramps?

In brief: Maybe
All statins including zocor (simvastatin) can cause muscle pains, usually proximal muscles such as thighs or arms, and usually bilaterally. If you have this, check your ck blood test with your primary care doctor to rule out a more serious complication and try to stop it to see if the symptoms disappear - they always do in case of statin associated muscle pain within 1-2 weeks of stopping the medication. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. Heidi Fowler
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What side effects are associated with Zocor (simvastatin)?

In brief: Zocor (simvastatin)
Zocor/ simvastatin has many potential side effects. See:

Dr. Calvin Weisberger
4 doctors responded
Simvastatin (generic zocor) or the generic for lipitor (atorvastatin)? What is the difference?

In brief: Statins
The milligram for milligram potency of Lipitor (atorvastatin) is higher than that for simvastatin. There is some difference in the incidence of side effects but clinically these are not seen very often. Since Lipitor (atorvastatin) became generic it has become more popular. Rosuvastatin(crestor) not generic so expensive has become very popular tho' why given its cost/pill relative to the others is debatable. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. Terrence Cohen
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What are the side effects of zocor (simvastatin) like?

In brief: Usually none
Usually none. Some people report muscle aches or weakness, and some report memory impairment. The majority of these reports turn out not to be from the medication. There are a very small number of potentially life-threatening reactions when muscle cells break down threatening kidney damage. The benefits of cholesterol lowering greatly outweigh the risks for most people.

Dr. Terrence Cohen
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What are side effects of zocor (simvastatin) from?

In brief: Rare, but not zero
Most people have no side effects from "statin" medications. A small percentage of people may get muscle symptoms and a very small number can develop life-threatening muscle cell destruction called rhabdomyolysis. Also uncommon are serious liver problems. The benefits of lowering cholesterol far outweigh the risks. Unfortunately, a misguided public scare has exagerated these risks.

Dr. Diane Minich
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Can pregnant women use Zocor (simvastatin)?

In brief: NO NO NO
Absolutely not as it;s pregnancy rating is catecory X See 1 more doctor answers