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Dr. Wendy Askew
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Please share a tip on some do's and don'ts with regard to period pain.

In brief: Menstrual
Menstrual pains can be helped with: nsaids (ibuprofen, advil, alleve), or birth control pills. See 197 more doctor answers

Dr. Troy Ross
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Please share a tip on some do's and don'ts with regard to pain management .

In brief: Sleep
Sleep and nutrition influence your pain. Work on getting 7 hours of sleep and eat healthy fats. See 178 more doctor answers

Dr. Jon Fishburn
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Please share a haiku about joint pain.

In brief: Weight
Weight reduction helps; improvement with exercise; overall less pain. See 58 more doctor answers

Dr. Gregory Lewis
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Please share some do's and dont's for patients with a dysfunctional bladder or other bladder conditions.

In brief: Do
Do kegel exercises regularly to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and maintain bladder control. See 166 more doctor answers

Dr. Daniel Cabot
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Please share a haiku about period pain.

In brief: 3
3 days before your period, start taking Naproxen twice daily and continue until your period ends. See 36 more doctor answers

Dr. Danny Proffitt
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What causes neck pain?

In brief: Too many to say
Neck pain is a very common complaint. Improper support of the neck while sleeping is common. Trauma of course is a cause. As we age or due to occupational reasons, the neck can degenerate and cause neck pain. Rheumatologic conditions can cause neckk pain. Too much to cover here. If a problem, you need a good evaluation, history and exam and nperhaps x-rays and other testing and then treatment. See 6 more doctor answers

Dr. Umesh Patel
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Please share a tip in the form of a haiku on angina and chest pain.

In brief: Avoid
Avoid exposure to cold temperatures as this increases the likely hood of an angina attack.

Dr. Linda Gromko
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Please share a tip on some do's and don'ts with regard to yoga.

In brief: Drink
Drink plenty of water when you are doing "hot yoga." take breaks and lie down if you feel dizzy. See 51 more doctor answers

Dr. Zahid Niazi
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Please share an interesting fact about period pain.

In brief: As
As per a patient of mine, " the only good thing about period pain is that it is periodic". See 41 more doctor answers

Dr. Carla Enriquez
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What is strep throat?

In brief: Specific infection
A strep throat is a bacterial infection of the throat (pharynx), tonsils or both caused by the bacteria group a streptococcus. Unfortunately common usage has deteriorated to mean sore throat in general. This is inaccurate. Many more viruses cause sore throats than streptococcal bacteria. Fever & sore throat for more than 2 days without cold symptoms suggests possible strep. A culture is best dx. See 1 more doctor answers