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Dr. Michael H. T. Sia
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What are the tests for seizure disorder?

In brief: Many
Researchers and physicians use a variety of diagnostic imaging techniques and chemical and metabolic analyses to detect, manage, and treat neurological disease. Common tests include: blood lab work, genetic testing, neuro exam, x-rays, mri, ct scans, angiography, biopsy, cerebrospinal fluid analysis, emg, eeg and pet scanning. See 2 more doctor answers

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen
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What is the treatment for seizure disorder?

In brief: Meds and surgery
Workup to confirm seizure disorder, type of seizure, and cause. Treat underlying cause. Treat seizures with anti epileptic medications. These include lamotrigine, oxcarbazepine, and levetiracetam. If two different medications don't control seizures, then consider surgery to remove area of brain which produces seizures. Surgery may have up to an 80% chance of a cure. See 2 more doctor answers

Dr. William Singer
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What is a infantile spasm seizure disorder?

In brief: Very serious disorde
Infantile spasms is a seizure disorder characteristic of the first year of life, usually occurring in the first 6 months of life. The consist of quick bending of the body at the waist, extension of the body or bowing of the head. They are associated with an EEG pattern called hypsarhythmia. 50% of children are neurologically impaired at onset and more than 75% are retarded ultimately. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. Josephine Ruiz-Healy
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What are the presenting symptoms of seizure disorder?

In brief: Very variable
It may be from an episode of loosing awareness without "passing out" to full blown seizures involving one or more limbs. It depends on the region of the brain that is affected. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. John Moranville
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What is bipolar disorder?

In brief: Manic depressive
Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder which is characterized by abnormally high (manic) and abnormally low (depressive) episodes. See 5 more doctor answers

Dr. R. Wayne Inzer
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Will my seizure disorder have negative effects on my baby?

In brief: Maybe
Two ways it can effect your baby; prolonged, untreated siezure could deprive the baby of oxygen. Treatment for seizures varies and some drugs are more dangerous than others for causing birth defects. Discuss with your nuerologist and OB dr before pregnancy to see if there is a safer treatment than what you may be on. See 2 more doctor answers

Dr. Michael H. T. Sia
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What is the definition or description of: seizure disorder?

In brief: See below
Seizure disorder also known as epilepsy, is a neurological condition in which the brain's abnormal electrical activity causes muscular convulsions and altered mental states. Epilepsy is diagnosed when an individual has two or more seizures. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. Marci Dietrich
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What sort of disorder is an eating disorder?

In brief: Eating disorder
An eating disorder is characterized as "lack" of normal feelings of feeling full after a meal anorexia, typically starvation -can give a patient a felling of temporary "control" or success. Bulimia is reaction to overeating perhaps1000's of calories a day, feeling depressed, out of control, then purging-vomiting, taking laxatives to try to get rid of calories.Both conditions are very serious -deadly. See 3 more doctor answers

Dr. Anatoly Belilovsky
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What is grandma seizure?

In brief: "Grand Mal"
-- seizure involving whole body, all extremities shaking, also drooling, loss of consciousness, and incontinence. See 2 more doctor answers