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Dr. Andrew Seibert
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What is artificial feeding?

In brief: Artificial feeding
The term artificial feeding most usually refers to feedings which are given either through a tube in the stomach or through an IV to allow someone to get nutrition when they are not able to eat on their own. Some people need these just as a temporary measure, and some need them long term. They can be life-saving.

Dr. Sue Ferranti
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What is peg feeding?

In brief: Peg feeding...
Peg feeding is when nutrition is given via a tube placed in the stomach through the skin. The tube is usually placed by a GI doctor during an endoscopy procedure. Many types of patients who cannot eat normally but have functioning GI tracts benefit from this type of feeding.

Dr. Madhu Kandarpa
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Please share a tip about the do and don'ts for eating a healthier diet.

In brief: Lots
Lots of fruits and fresh vegetables; less carbs and fats. See 399 more doctor answers

Dr. Ihab Ibrahim
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Please share an interesting fact about dealing with breast feeding.

In brief: That
That first week, will provide them with their immunity for the next 6 months. So important! See 69 more doctor answers

Dr. Steven Reidbord
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I am going through depression and can't eat. I've lost 20 lbs and am down to 100lbs. I am a breast feeding mom.. What do I do? Should I see a dr?

In brief: YES, see a doctor
You have to stay physically and emotionally healthy to care for your baby (and yourself). Being a new mother can be incredibly stressful — you deserve help when you need it. There are many treatments for depression, including some that don't interfere with breast-feeding. Talk to your primary care doctor, or get a referral to a mental health professional (eg, psychiatrist or psychologist). See 6 more doctor answers

Dr. Marcus Degraw
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What is finger-feeding?

In brief: Finger foods
Essentially (what i think you mean at least) is feeding the child foods that they, or you, can finger feed with... I.E. Cheeriohs, veggie puffs, etc... See 3 more doctor answers

Dr. Christopher Powers
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What feeding supplies will I need for the new baby?

In brief: Breasts
They provide sterile, warm nourishment that is always available. Your breastfed baby will have fewer upper and lower respiratory illnesses, less diarrhea and be less likely to develop obesity, diabetes and leukemia. Savings per year over formula can be as much as $1500. Finally, the closeness to your child and the oxytocin breastfeeding releases into your system is calming and stress-relieving. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. Janesta Noland
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What is feeding on demand?

In brief: When baby wants
On demand feeding refers to feeding the baby when baby wants as opposed to feeding on a set schedule. In the newborn period, on-demand feeding is usually the best way to feed (with, perhaps, a few caveats to make sure the baby isn't snacking and is getting other needs met - diaper changes, burping, sleep, etc.). See 2 more doctor answers

Dr. Pamela Lindor
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What should I know about formula feeding?

In brief: Bottle feeding
This is a huge topic: here's a good place to start: http://www.Healthychildren.Org/english/ages-stages/baby/feeding-nutrition/pages/amount-and-schedule-of-formula-feedings.Aspx. See 3 more doctor answers

Dr. Gregory Hines
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What are the benefits of breast-feeding my baby?

In brief: Several
Breast milk is an excellent source of nutrition for your child, is almost completely absorbed, contains numerous antibodies to help fight infections, and is the best way to bond to your child. See 2 more doctor answers