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Dr. Matt Fulmer
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What is full mouth debridement?

In brief: Initial cleaning
Full mouth debridement is technically a term to describe the removal of heavy build-up from all your teeth so that an in-depth periodontal evaluation may be performed. See 2 more doctor answers

Dr. Barry Press
8 doctors responded
What is involved in debridement of pressure ulcers, decubitus?

In brief: A cleanout and...
Often pressure sores are bottle shaped, with a small skin opening overlying a larger cavity that may extend to an underlying pressure point. This causes dead tissue to build up in the cavity, which is an excellent growing medium for bacteria. Debridement is removal of dead tissue and debris and enlargement of the skin opening: this allows easier cleaning and/or flap closure when the wound is clean. See 2 more doctor answers

Dr. Peter Kurzweil
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What is the difference between a root canal and pulpal debridement?

In brief: Look it up.
You need to see the basic parts of what makes up an entire tooth and all adjacent structures. Too detailed for answer here. See 2 more doctor answers

Dr. James Wright
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How painful is dental debridement?

In brief: Topical Anesthetic
With a good topical anesthetic a full mouth debridement should not be painful. See 4 more doctor answers

Dr. Tim Conrad
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What is an eye corneal debridement?

In brief: Removal
Of dirty, loose or contaminated tissue from the cornea.

Dr. Steven Frydman
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What to expect during a debridement?

In brief: Debridement of what
It matters what is debrided. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. Peter Kurzweil
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What is debridement and what would prompt a dentist to recommend it?

In brief: Surgical cleaning up
See prior answer regarding debridement in general, regardless of where in body. In oral cavity, debridement would be recommended if any area was very infected, macerated, extensively built up plaque. Ask the dentist why it has to be done, what is the process that it involved, and how much does it cost. See 2 more doctor answers

Dr. Thomas Marxen
10 doctors responded
I know what lanap is but what is bone debridement, in laymans terms. Have horizontal bone loss. Please explain? Also, cannot have implants?

In brief: Debridement
Debridement is to remove anything that may be contributing to your gum disease. Toxins on the root surface of the tooth, infection in the soft tissue, infection and/or pus that may have infiltrated the bone. See 8 more doctor answers

Dr. Jeffrey Kass
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What is a debridement of subcutaneous tissue and muscle due to a diabetic foot ulcer?

In brief: It implies
The doctor cut away these layers of tissue, likely because they were unhealthy. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. Liawaty Ho
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What is the difference between surgical and sharp debridement?

In brief: Semantics
Debridement is the removal of dead, damaged or diseased tissue from a wound. It can be done in several ways. If you use a knife, this is "sharp" debridement, which is often done in a surgical setting, making it surgical debridement.