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Top Doctor Insights on “How many times per day should I feel my baby kick”
Dr. Jeff Livingston
3 doctors responded
How many times per day should I feel my baby kick?

In brief: 5 kicks per hour
After 28 weeks or so most patients report 5 movements per hour when they are doing "kick counts." to do kick counts correctly you should be lying down in a quiet place without distractions like the tv. This way you can focus on feeling the movements. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. Jack Mutnick
4 doctors responded
How frequent and how many times is it normal for my baby kick throughout the day?

In brief: Variable
Highly variable but you should feel the baby kick and move at least once daily although sometimes the movements are subtle and you might not feel them. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. Eugene Louie-Ng
2 doctors responded
How many times per day should I feel my baby move?

In brief: This varies
A quick and simple fetal kick count method is to focus on counting for up to 2 hours and tallying 10 movements in that period. '10 movements in 2 hours'. Babies move throughout the day, with movement peaking at night. The quality of that movement changes as the baby grows and periods of rest also change. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. Victoria Acharya
15 doctors responded
How many times per day should my baby poop?

In brief: Depends
P.S. All babies tend to strain rather dramatically with stools at some point, probably because their brain is working hard to coordinate their intestinal muscles (which are still weak) and nerves. Plus they are laying flat most of the time, so they don't have help from gravity. As long as their stools are soft, the crying, pulling up of legs, turning red is normal and won't last forever. See 10 more doctor answers

Dr. Holly Maes
2 doctors responded
How many times per day is it necessary to burp my baby?

In brief: Baby burps
If your baby is a "gulper" when she eats or if she has had a spell where she cried alot, she has swallowed more air and needs more frequent burping. There is not an exact right number of times, but remember, air that doesn't come up as a burp comes out the other end as - well, you know what! See 2 more doctor answers

Dr. Marcus Degraw
5 doctors responded
How many times per day should I have my baby do "tummy time"?

In brief: Often as can
As often as you can while awake. Start with 2-3 minutes aftwr each diaper change to remind yourself. Get down with baby to look at you and/or toys. Increase time and frequency as baby gets stronger. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. Charles Whiting
3 doctors responded
Im a first time moms how many weeks im suppose to feel baby kick?

In brief: 18-20 weeks
Everyone is different. First-time mom's typically feel fluttering or light tapping sometime between 18-20 weeks. Stronger kicking and rolling movements will be felt later.

Dr. Melissa Arca
3 doctors responded
How many times per day do I need to bathe my baby?

In brief: Think 2-3 per week
Babies do not need daily baths. In fact, daily bathing can dry out babies' delicate skin. Instead, i would aim for two to three baths weekly. As long as a baby's diaper area is thoroughly cleaned during diaper changes, they really don't need more than this. You can gently clean in any skin folds with a warm washcloth as needed on non bath days. See 1 more doctor answers

Dr. Howard Gollup
10 doctors responded
How many times per day should my baby eat, and how should I deal with any feeding problems?

In brief: Weight gain is key
Feeding patterns of infants vary with age, and from one baby to another. The bottom line is that growth/weight gain should be adequate, and the baby should appear well nourished, happy, and active. As far as any feeding problems, that can mean many different things, and i'd be happy to hear about specific questions or challenges you are encountering. See 3 more doctor answers

Dr. Julie Abbott
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Is it recomended to take baby aspirine as protection for young people(20 or above in age) and how many times per a week if yes?

In brief: When you're older
In the United States, aspirin is recommended for the prevention of heart attack & stroke when the benefits outweigh the risks. One's risk for these conditions is not great enough at ages younger than 40 to be worth the risk of bleeding, especially GI bleeding. In the US, aspirin is often recommended for men age 45-79 and women age 55-79. If taken the dose is 81 mg daily or 325 mg every other day.