Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is HealthTap?

HealthTap is a virtual health care provider that provides Urgent Care and Primary Care to people with or without insurance. HealthTap members can:

  • Connect with a doctor 24/7 from any device via text or video
  • Follow a HealthTap doctor's treatment plan, including, prescriptions, lab tests, referral recommendations
  • Search HealthTap's library of member-asked, doctor-answered questions on any health-related topic or symptom
  • Ask their own anonymous question and get an answer from a real doctor in hours
  • Use HealthTap's AI-powered symptom checker to get guidance on potential causes and next steps

What kind of doctors are on HealthTap?

HealthTap has a network of more than 90,000 U.S.-based, board-certified doctors. HealthTap doctors go through a rigorous training and credentialing program prior to being admitted to the HealthTap network. The doctors who provide virtual visits are U.S.-based and board-certified in primary care. Many HealthTap doctors have multiple specialties.

Who can use HealthTap?

Anyone 18 or older. Adult members may use virtual doctor visits for dependent children. For children younger than 16, the adult member must be there during the visit. Dependents 16 years and older can have visits without an adult present but using the adult member's account.

How much does HealthTap cost?

For virtual doctor visits, HealthTap offers two membership options:

  1. HealthTap Prime members pay $15 per month and get Urgent Care visits for $30 each and Primary Care visits for $40 each. HealthTap Prime is for use without insurance.
  2. HealthTap Basic offers Urgent Care visits for $80 or a copay. Members are welcome to use insurance for HealthTap Basic, and we accept hundreds of plans.

HealthTap also offers free services to members including a library of searchable Doctor Q&A, the ability to ask an anonymous health question and get an answer in hours, and HealthTap AI, an artificial intelligence-powered symptom checker.

Can companies provide HealthTap to their workers or employees?

Yes. HealthTap is a flexible and cost-effective way for businesses and organizations of all sizes to help their people stay healthy. If you want to introduce us to your employer, or if you handle benefits, let us know here and someone from our team will get right back to you.

Is HealthTap available in English only?

Currently, yes. We understand that millions of people in the U.S. feel more comfortable speaking other languages, particularly Spanish. HealthTap is continually striving to expand and improve its offerings, and we will keep our members posted about any future announcements.

Types of Care

What kind of treatment does HealthTap offer?

HealthTap offers Urgent Care in all U.S. states except Alaska. Urgent Care is for time-sensitive issues like fever, rashes, stomach pain, back pain, etc.

HealthTap currently offers Primary Care in seven states and is rolling it out to the rest of the country in the coming weeks. Primary Care is for ongoing preventative healthcare and managing chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension. With HealthTap Primary Care, you can choose your own doctor, and see the same doctor for subsequent visits.

Does HealthTap handle medical emergencies?

No. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or other local emergency services and/or go to the emergency room of a nearby hospital or medical clinic. Always call 911 or your local emergency service immediately if you think you have an emergency. For example:

  • Chest Pain or Pressure
  • Convulsion or Seizure
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Mental Health or Substance Abuse Urgency
  • Moderate to Severe Burn
  • Pain Medication Overdose or Reaction (Narcotics)
  • Poisoning
  • Serious Head, Neck, or Back Injury
  • Serious Limb Impairment or Broken Bone
  • Significant, Uncontrolled Bleeding
  • Suicide Ideation
  • Unconsciousness

Does HealthTap offer mental health services?

Not at this time. However, HealthTap is continually working to improve and expand its services. We know that our members are interested in mental and behavioral health, and we will keep everyone posted when we have news to announce.

Prescriptions and Lab Tests

Can HealthTap doctors write prescriptions?

Yes. HealthTap doctors can write medically necessary prescriptions, as well as order lab tests and other procedures. Doctors send the prescriptions to the member's preferred pharmacy.

What medications cannot be prescribed by HealthTap doctors?

Just like with in-person doctors, getting a prescription depends on many things. For example, your doctor might refill your antidepressant prescription in an Urgent Care visit, but they're unlikely to give you a new one. For managing ongoing conditions, it's best to start seeing a Primary Care doctor on HealthTap who can get to know you and your medical history.

There are some medications that no telemedicine provider, including HealthTap, can prescribe or refill. These medications are nearly always prescribed in-person. Please note that this list provides examples only. It's not exhaustive.

Opioids and other controlled substances like:




oxycodone (generic)



Psychiatric drugs like:


gabapentin (generic)

lithium (generic)

Lifestyle drugs like:




How do I select my preferred pharmacy?

You select a preferred pharmacy by going to your HealthTap account page. (If you haven't created an account yet, do so here.) Click on the "person" icon in the top right of the page once you've logged in. Click on Account. Choose Preferred Pharmacy from the list of options.

If my HealthTap doctor orders a lab test, how do I know where to get it? Does it cost extra?

HealthTap doctors will provide recommendations of where to get follow-up care, including lab tests and prescriptions. The doctor's recommendations and orders to the pharmacy or lab are included as part of your visit fee. However, the lab tests and medications themselves are charged separately by the lab or pharmacy.

How do I get the results of my lab test?

Once you've completed your lab test and the results are in, you will get a notification to view the results. You can access your past tests and results any time by clicking the "person" icon or "hamburger" icon at the top of your desktop or phone screen. Select "Account," then "Edit Profile." Then choose "Lab Tests" from the list of options.

Costs and Insurance

Can I use health insurance with HealthTap? How does it work?

Yes. HealthTap accepts hundreds of insurance plans for Urgent Care visits under the HealthTap Basic membership. The cost of the visit depends on the member's plan. In most cases, HealthTap deducts the copay from the $80 Urgent Care visit when the member is charged. HealthTap does not accept insurance for Primary Care visits at this time.

Does HealthTap accept Medicare and Medicaid?

Not at this time, but we're working on it and will have it soon!

Logistics and Patient Experience

What kind of equipment do I need to use HealthTap?

You need internet access and a smartphone, tablet, or computer. HealthTap works on any Android device or iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on which you can download applications. View the Operating Systems for more information on browsers and versions.

How do I set up a HealthTap account?

Signing up as a HealthTap member is quick and easy. To get started, go to our signup page here. Then you will:

  • Enter the email address that you want associated with your HealthTap account
  • Choose a password with 9 or more characters, at least one uppercase and lowercase letter, and one number or special character
  • Click "Sign up with email"
  • Enter personal information like your birthdate and biological sex. This information is used by HealthTap doctors when providing treatment.
  • Click "Done"

You're now a HealthTap member!

How do I see a HealthTap doctor or set up a virtual doctor visit?

If you're not already a HealthTap member, the first step is to set up a HealthTap account here. If you're already a member, just log in. Next select "Talk to a doctor." From there, you will choose either a HealthTap Prime or HealthTap Basic membership. Don't worry, we make it easy to decide which one is best for you. From there you can decide to connect with a doctor immediately for Urgent Care, or schedule an appointment with a Primary Care doctor for ongoing care.

How long do I have to wait to see a doctor?

You can connect with a HealthTap doctor for Urgent Care in one minute or less. There is no need to schedule in advance. View the Visit Instructions for a step-by-step guide for accessing HealthTap. If you want to choose Primary Care for ongoing healthcare needs, you can book appointments as early as 2 hours in advance. Our goal is to have a few same-day appointments available, and several next-day appointments available.

How much time does a virtual doctor visit take?

It varies depending on the patient and the condition. However, generally speaking, Urgent Care visits are about 15 minutes, and Primary Care visits are about 30 minutes.

How do I cancel a virtual doctor visit?

For Urgent Care visits, you can select "Cancel visit" before connecting with a doctor, and you will be credited for the visit fee for use on a future visit.

You can cancel or reschedule Primary Care visits by going to your Appointment Details page and selecting the "Cancel or reschedule" button. When you're logged into your HealthTap account, select My Care at the top of the page on your desktop and at the bottom of the page on mobile devices.

You must cancel or reschedule at least 2 hours before the appointment start time to receive a full credit for the visit fee to your HealthTap account. If you cancel or reschedule less than 2 hours prior, your credit amount will be $20 less than the original visit fee.

Can I see the same HealthTap doctor for multiple visits?

Yes, for Primary Care. HealthTap is currently offering Primary Care (ongoing) in select states and the remaining states are coming soon.

For Urgent Care, members are connected with a doctor in one minute or less to deal with time-sensitive issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Can I share photos with my HealthTap doctor to help them provide treatment?

Yes. You can share files with your doctor during your visit. Doing so may help your doctor provide a better diagnosis and treatment plan.

Does HealthTap track information on my virtual visits and other activities? How do I access them?

Yes. Your HealthTap AI information and all your virtual visit summaries are stored in your "Profile." You can download a PDF of visit summaries at any time under Past Visits. Visit summaries include the doctor's name, reason for visit, the doctor's assessment and treatment plan, and other notes.

Can I use HealthTap outside the U.S.?

Yes, if you're a U.S. resident. U.S. residents can have virtual doctor visits when traveling outside the U.S. However, HealthTap doctors will not be able to fill prescriptions. Having a virtual doctor visit while abroad could help you determine whether you need to see a doctor in-person.

HealthTap members worldwide can use HealthTap's free online tools just by creating a free account. With Doctor Q&A, members can search our extensive library of doctor-answered questions, and even ask your own anonymous health question and get an answer from a real doctor in just hours. HealthTap AI, is our online symptom checker, which gives information about what certain symptoms might mean and guidelines for next steps.

Privacy and Security

How does HealthTap protect my privacy and keep my data secure?

HealthTap subjects its security systems to the most stringent technology and health care industry standards, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Members have complete control over who sees their medical information.

Who can see my personal health records and HealthTap data?

Your records are stored securely and privately. They're available to you from any smart device, 24/7. You can download information from your HealthTap visits if you want to share them with other doctors. Only HealthTap doctors who are treating you or have treated you in the past have access to your records, including information about past visits.

Free Tools and Features

What kind of content is available on HealthTap?

HealthTap has a searchable library of millions of member-asked, physician-answered questions on all kinds of health topics and symptoms. You can search this content and often find content that addresses your concern or answers your question directly.

Can I ask a medical question to a doctor without doing a virtual visit or paying a fee?

Yes. Anyone with a free HealthTap account can submit a written question on HealthTap, and get a personalized answer from a real doctor in 24 hours or less. Of course, asking a question is 100% anonymous. Set up your free account here.

Questions and answers are anonymous, but they're published on HealthTap to be viewed by other members . As such, please refrain from using any personally identifiable information in your question, such as your name, address, phone number, email address, etc. If you would like to discuss a specific health matter with a physician, please consider a virtual physician visit.

Does HealthTap have an online symptom checker?

Yes. HealthTap AI is an online symptom checker that's been trained by input from HealthTap doctors. It's free to HealthTap members. If you haven't set up a free HealthTap account, do so here. HealthTap members can check their symptoms by responding to a series of questions with easy taps or clicks. You'll get a list of potential causes of the symptoms you reported, as well as guidance on next steps. If you decide to see a HealthTap physician for a virtual visit, they'll automatically get the information from your HealthTap AI session.