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A 39-year-old member asked:

what's a good way to cure depression?

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Dr. Jason Berman
A Verified Doctoranswered
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See a professional: I recommend that you consult with a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist for an evaluation and to see the best treatment options for you. They can include counseling and medications but each treatment should be tailored to the individual person's needs.
Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli
Clinical Psychology 45 years experience
Depression: Self-care is very important to remain balanced, but when you do have depression psychotherapy can be very helpful. Best.

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A 36-year-old member asked:

Can my depression be because my husband isn't helping?

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Dr. Neeoo Chin
Fertility Medicine 40 years experience
Yes: Yes, having a baby is suppose to be a wonderfully happy time, but when one is up every couple of hours to feed and change diapers without any spousal help, then fatigue sets in. This may lead to frustration, resentment, and ultimately depression.
A 38-year-old member asked:

I have no work motivation toward anything, do you know how to deal with depression?

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Dr. Kevin Passer
Child Psychiatry 35 years experience
Yes: I treat depression every day. It is possible, however, that you have some other condition. For example, problems with one's thyroid gland can probably mimic your symptoms. The best thing, i think, might be for you to start by having an evaluation by your local physician, or to try and make an appointment to see a board certified psychiatrist.
A 44-year-old member asked:

What can I do if I am depressed, have bad health, no friends, and am falling behind in school?

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Dr. Jonathan Nehrer
Child Psychiatry 36 years experience
Find a counselor: Find a good counselor, then further answers to each of these questions will be found. You will find ways to cope with school and ways to find new friends. You may or may not need medication for your depression, work with your counselor on this. Health issues you shiould see a medical speicialist but your counselor can help you cope with the treatments.. Good luck.
A 46-year-old member asked:

What are the symptoms of a depressive episode?

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Dr. William Goldie
Pediatric Neurology 48 years experience
Triple threat: The three most common symptoms are inability to sleep, lack of interest in eating, extreme sadness. In children it can include aggressive behavior, defiance, self injurious behavior. Bouts of crying often without reason and thoughts of dying would indicate a very severe form. Reactive depression is common, but pathological depression is a very serious condition.
A 30-year-old member asked:

What's a good way to cure depression or at least make it a smaller problem?

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Dr. Miroslava Fox
Clinical Psychology 15 years experience
Therapy/self-care: Therapy will help -- ask your primary care doctor or call your insurance about a mental health provider. Things that you can do on your own -- try to establish routines, sleep hygiene, small achievable goals, look for positive aspects of the environment -- do a summary at the end of the day -- best thing that happened, the things i laughed at, etc. To bring you a sense of joy.
Dr. Eric Levin
Dr. Eric Levin commented
Psychiatry 41 years experience
A good evaluation to establish the cause is always the starting point. Although it is probably Psychological-Psychiatric and needs a combination of Therapy and Psychiatric medication, often their are medical illness that masquerade as Psychiatric illness and can be ruled out by lab studies.
Aug 19, 2013

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