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San Jose, CA
A 42-year-old male asked:

do some viruses produce more mucus in lungs than others? i very rarely get fluid in lungs but got it this time. 3 weeks & counting. i feel fine tho.

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Dr. Ajay Acharya
A Verified Doctoranswered
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Yes..: Viruses, your immune system, environment all matter. Hx of asthma, smoking , workplace chemical will prolong recovery time.
Dr. Susan Rhoads
Family Medicine 38 years experience
Dr. Acharya is perfectly correct. Not just workplace chemicals, either. Fragrances and aerosols of any type can prolong symptoms and are felt to be responsible for the worldwide increase in asthma, since smoking and air pollution are decreasing. See http://www.who.int/ceh/capacity/Indoor_Air_Pollution.pdf
Dec 17, 2015
Dr. Vahe Yetimyan
General Practice 51 years experience
Post nasal drip: is probably what you are trying to say. It could be caused by virus , allergy, sinus infections , irritant etc. If you are feeling fine your lungs are probably not involved otherwise you would be sicker and put down your symptoms. See an ent doctor to start with. If turn out to be something else you will be referred to other specialist.

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A 22-year-old member asked:

Can Mucinex (guaifenesin) thin the mucus in my womb and thus endanger the fetus?

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Dr. Robert Benner
Obstetrics and Gynecology 33 years experience
Minimal concern: Mucinex (guaifenesin) is guiafenesin, an expectorant-- a medicine to thin mucus so that it can more easily be cleared from the throat and sinuses. It is a pregnancy category c drug, so should be used with caution. There is no mucus is the womb to speak of, and there is no evidence that the presence or absence of cervical mucus has significance to fetal well-being.
A 25-year-old female asked:

My baby cries whenever I put her to sleep on her tummy, they say I have to do that 4 her lungs to be strong?

2 doctor answers2 doctors weighed in
Dr. James Ferguson
Pediatrics 46 years experience
Who told you that ?: The american academy of pediatrics & many other advisory groups have promoted sleeping on a babies back since the early 90's. Since that time we have seen a 40-50% drop in crib death over that period. I know of no one that advises belly sleeping for any reason, although if baby rolls into that position after 6m i don't try to change it. Tummy time while awake can help build upper body strength.
San Antonio, TX
A 49-year-old female asked:

My husband had a lung biopsy done and it resulted in hemothorax he was put on a ventilator for two days and remains hospitalized is the hospital responsible for bills of overstay ?

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Dr. Robert Kwok
Pediatrics 33 years experience
No, of course not: Pneumothorax and hemothorax are two of the known complications that can happen with a lung biopsy if a patient is unlucky. A patient is responsible for his bills if he has a good outcome, a medium outcome, or a bad outcome; as long as it isn't some truly strange case in which the doctor(s) and/or hospital did something unusually bad or criminal.
Altus, OK
A 27-year-old female asked:

I have sternal chest pain and cxr showed increased lung markings in the base of my lungs. I was sent home to folliw up. Is this serious? Cardiac labs were normal.

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Dr. Gutti Rao
Hospital-based practice 46 years experience
Probably not: I presume you we're seen in er. Increased lung markings at the base of lung is probably nothing. I think you should be worried. Anyway you will be going to your doctor, he will be in a better position to help you.
A 36-year-old member asked:

Can you die from a collapsed lung?

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Dr. Tracy Berg
General Surgery 32 years experience
Tension pneumothorax: You can die from collapsed lung, as it progresses quickly to a tension pneumothorax. Eventually, the pressure will collapse your other lung and vessels. Untreated, death will occur. First responders, emt and trauma providers are trained to recognize and release the pressure associated with a collapsed lung, to prevent tension pneumothorax.

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Last updated Oct 27, 2016

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