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A 28-year-old female asked:

i have two teeth that are constantly becoming obsessed this is recurring over and over is there anything i can do to stop it besides have them pulled?

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Dr. David Lipkin
Internal Medicine 52 years experience
Possibly: Not possible to answer this without knowing more about your situation. Teeth don't become abscessed, they develop dental decay. You can develop an periapical abscess near the root of a tooth, and a periodontal abscess between the tooth and the gum. Ask your dentist which abscess you have. You may want to see a specialist> If periapical-root canal: Endodontist. If periodontal: Periodontologist.
Dr. Arnold Malerman
Orthodontics 53 years experience
Abscess: An abscess is an infection. If tooth is abscesses it can have the infected material removed (see root canal specialist, Endodontist) or the teeth themselves removed (see extraction specialist, Oral Surgeon). If gum/bone is infected it can be treated (see gum specialist, Periodontist. See your General Dentist for guidance, but have the infections treated ASAP.
Dr. Theodore Davantzis
Dentistry 40 years experience
More info needed...: Is the problem endodontic or periodontal? So far, what attempts have been made to treat the problem? This is a very broad question that requires a specific answer. Please see an endodontist and a periodontist for further guidance.
Dr. Paul Grin
Pain Management 36 years experience
See a dentist ASAP: The only way to cure a recurrent dental abscess is with dental treatment. See your dentist for evaluation and dental treatment options. Good luck.
Dr. I. Jay Freedman
Dentistry 43 years experience
Root canal, implants: If the teeth already treated with root canal, they met need a re-treatment or an apicoectomy. If not, maybe a root canal is in order, but if there is to much decay or tooth damage your only option for non- removeable teeth would be dental implants. Regardless, an untreated abscess is dangerous and you need to seek out a solution. Talk to your dentist! Good luck!
Dr. John DeWolf
Dentistry 40 years experience
Maybe: It depends on the reason for the abscess and the condition of your teeth. You need a dental exam and let the dentist know your preferences. There may be alternative therapy to extraction or not. Good luck!
Dr. Debra Rosenblatt
Dentistry 38 years experience
See DDS: When was the last time you had a dental examination and full mouth series of radiographs? Speak with your dentist about all options that are viable to your situation and try to restore any additional teeth that are deemed problematic.
Dr. Alan Zweig
Dentistry 45 years experience
Yes: Your dentist may offer alternative treatments to enable you to save these teeth.
Dr. Ted Poczatek
Dentistry 18 years experience
Root Canal: Sorry to hear that you are having this recurring infection. As long as the teeth are not too severely damaged than doing root canals on those teeth will eliminate the infection. After the infection is removed the tooth will need to be restored with a crown.
Dr. Maryam Chiani
Dentistry 29 years experience
Exam: You must see a dentist to find the cause for the recurring abscess so it can be treated properly.
Dr. Ronald Hsu
Pediatric Dentistry 18 years experience
Abscessed?: If they are infected but salvageable you can have root canal done to resolve the infection and then have crowns put on to seal up the teeth so they don't get infected later on. If they are overly broken down and cannot be rebuild then pulling them would be the only option.
Dr. Sandra Eleczko
Dentistry 36 years experience
Infected teeth: You need to treat he infection, the Abscessed teeth. Treatment would be removing the infected teeth or root canals if there is enough tooth structure left to save. Antibiotics are not enough to cure the nfection. Talk to a dentist to find out your options for getting your mouth healthy. Leaving this untreated can effect the rest of your health.
Dr. Justin Nelson
Pediatric Dentistry 16 years experience
Yes: Yes....if they are restorable with a filling or a combo of a filling/crown then yes they can be saved by a root canal first (just as long as they are not abcessed due to periodontal issues)
Dr. Charles Lockhart
Dentistry 9 years experience
See a dentist: If this is a recurring problem, the process may be too far along for the teeth to be salvaged. Have a professional xray the teeth and evaluate then advise you on treatment options
Dr. Jake Richards
Dentistry 12 years experience
Possible: If a tooth abscesses it either needs to have a root canal and likely a crown, or it has to be removed. These are the ONLY ways to manage a tooth like that. It will continue to happen until you do one or the other. Sorry there is not a better way. See a dentist soon before you have an emergency and no one is around to help
Dr. Mark Miller
Dentistry 48 years experience
Professional care: Evaluation by a dentist is highly recommended. Clinical examination and x-rays are necessary to determine the nature of your problem and possible recommendations for treatment. If the problem is related to infection in the nerve, root canal therapy may be indicated. If the problem is in the gum tissues, periodontal treatment would be required. At this point, it is best to seek professional care
Dr. John Thaler
Prosthodontics 41 years experience
Root canal: Root canal treatment may be indicated. See your Dentist for an evaluation of the situation and your options for the best long-term success. Good Luck.
Dr. Irina Hayrapetyan
Dentistry 12 years experience
Dental Treatment: You should schedule appointment with your Dentist for Examination and X rays. Your Dentist can advise different Treatment options. If teeth non restorable the only Treatment is Extraction.
Dr. Gabriel Malouf
Specializes in Dentistry
Treatment: See a dentist. Complete the treatment--if you've already done this; follow-up. You might need a referral, specialty care, or possibly extraction like you mentioned.
Dr. Kevin Kim
Dentistry 16 years experience
It depends: If in fact your tooth or teeth are abscessed and infected the ideal treatment would be to control the infection and save the tooth. Assuming there is enough to tooth structure generally a root canal, build up (large filling), and crown restoration can be done to save the tooth. There are options but not until you see a licensed dentist will you know the best option in your case.
Dr. Oswald Cameron-Morales
Dentistry 42 years experience
Have examined : If the tooth can be restored with a crown then root canal treatment if possible can save the tooth. Seek treatment ASAP. Tooth infection can destroy bone reaching other body parts resulting in life threatening conditions.
Dr. Earl Sandroff
Dentistry 43 years experience
Root canals?: if you have teeth that are getting reinvented the possible cure would be root canals. If they already have gad root canals then retreating might be needed or an apicoectomy. Remember..each reinvention destroys a little more bone around the tooth and you may not have enough bone to keep the tooth. Go to your dentist and get an idea of what's going on and what you need.
Dr. Keith Hollander
Dentistry 36 years experience
Get treatment: have the teeth had root canal treatment? If so then extraction is probably the only option. The tooth may also have a root fracture, in that case extraction is the only option. also if the infections have been of long standing the bone supporting these teeth may now have more damage then the bone can recover from. The burden on your immune system of these two chronic infection is grea
Dr. Jaspreet Dheri
Dentistry 4 years experience
See your dentist: You need to see your dentist for treatment. They would be able to determine if your tooth can be saved.
Dr. Manami Yamaguchi
Dentistry 25 years experience
HURRY!: Abscessed teeth can suddenly become life-threatening cause of body infection. So please see a dentist ASAP! Abscess means the body is fighting the germs in or around the tooth. Root canal might be one way to treat, but if the damage is too deep you may not have this option. Hygienist's therapy (therapeutic cleaning) may be appropriate if the abscess comes from gums. Think BODY HEALTH first!

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