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A 32-year-old member asked:

how harmful is cannabis?

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Dr. Moneil Patel
General Practice 17 years experience
Not as bad: There are carinogens in smoking joints or blunts, anything wrapped in paper. There are memory and cognitive defects, especially seen in the adolescent population. It can cause dehydration and symptoms like dry mouth and dry eyes. It can increase your appetite and can cause you to sleep (drowsiness). THC heavy strains like sativas can be associated with paranoia and anxiety.

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A 28-year-old member asked:

I think I am addicted to cannabis?

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Dr. John Moranville
Psychiatry 36 years experience
Probably: If you think you are, you probably are. Cannabis can be very addictive. Fortunately, there is no physical addiction and no withdrawal symptoms when you stop. More importantly, the first and most important step in stopping any addiction is to recognize you have a problem and you have already taken that step.
A 38-year-old member asked:

Is orally consuming cannabis (as in brownies) less harmful than smoking it?

2 doctor answers8 doctors weighed in
Dr. Arthur Hoffman
Psychiatry 57 years experience
H'mm?!: As far as your sweet, moist, pink, and tender lungs are concerned; yes. Use your imagination. Good, you got it.
South Africa
A 38-year-old male asked:

Is cannabis harmful if eaten?

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Dr. Kevin Passer
Child Psychiatry 35 years experience
Possibly: When cannabis is ingested, it has to go thru the stomach and the many chemicals it contains must then be broken down by the liver. The fact is, the effects of this are largely unknown and may not be very good for you. Also, the psychoactive effects may be prolonged and unpredictable compared with smoking cannabis, which could result in some unforeseen impairment. Good question.
Dr. Craig Cohen
Dr. Craig Cohen commented
Emergency Medicine 25 years experience
Actually, the effects and medical benefits of cannabis are well known. There is nothing toxic about the chemicals in the cannabis plant. Unlike alcohol, or nicotine, cannabinoids (the ingredients in the plant) are similar to the substances produced in our bodies, called endocannabinoids. These are not toxic, rather, they interact with our cells by a receptor on the cell surface, causing a cascade of effects within the cell. Here's a link to some clinical trials that doctors and patients facing hard-to-treat conditions should be knowledgable about: http://www.cannabis-med.org/data/pdf/en_2010_01_special.pdf
Sep 2, 2012
Dr. Alan Ali
Dr. Alan Ali commented
Psychiatry 32 years experience
Agree with Dr. Cohen. Great response.
Sep 14, 2012
A 20-year-old male asked:

Is smoking cannabis harmful for health?

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Dr. Moshe Lewis
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 25 years experience
The danger is smokin: Cannabis has been used to reduce nausea & vomiting in chemo & people w/AIDS & to treat pain & muscle spasm;its use for other medical causes has been studied but there is insufficient data for conclusions about safety & efficacy.Short-term use increases minor adverse effects (ie altered cognition for hrs),but doesn't appear to increase major adverse effects(ie cancer).Long-term effects aren't known
A 24-year-old male asked:

Can you get high if sitting for a long period of time right near someone that smells like weed(cannabis) in a non ventilated room?How harmful is it?

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Dr. Gurmukh Singh
Pathology 49 years experience
Not to worry: Just sitting near someone who smells of weed will not give you a high nor will you have any adverse effects from it. Wish you good health! - Have a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk and milk products, nuts, beans, legumes, lentils and small amounts of lean meats. Avoid saturated fats. Drink enough water daily, so that your urine is mostly colorless. Exercise at least 150 minutes/week and increase the intensity of exercise gradually. Do not use tobacco, alcohol, weed or street drugs in any form. Practice safe sex, if you have sex.
Dr. Gurmukh Singh
Pathology 49 years experience
Provided original answer
Wish you good health!
Mar 4, 2018

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